Oyster & Coral

Last night I wore this combo of coral and chambray and I wanted to feature this awesome oyster necklace today! Southern Oyster Designs is a company based out of Savannah and sells wholesale to some small boutiques all over the South. I first discovered this company at one of our favorite shops, Lowe Tide, during the Urbanna Oyster Festival back in November. It was during my birthday weekend, so my mom picked this necklace up as a perfect birthday gift to remember the weekend! I love that it is so unique and the coral and white is the perfect compliment to so much of my wardrobe- and my necklace is called the Wassaw, named after one of our favorite beach spots in Savannah!

See some of my favorites:


  1. love that necklace! it is so unique!


  2. I love Lowe Tide, it's right by where I live! Had no idea you had a connection to this area. Great necklace too :)

  3. Love this necklace! And love Lowe Tide too...always a fun place to stop in at the river!