Attention Charleston Bloggers!

Last night I had an urge to drive downtown and go for a run walk like I used to when I lived there. It was great to get out and enjoy a beautiful summer night in the city and while I was around, I was doing a little brainstorming... 

While I love being able to network with other Charleston bloggers through social media, I thought it would be even better if we all get together and meet for a casual happy hour at a rooftop bar! 

If you're interested in attending, leave your contact info in the comments and I'll email you with more info!
Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Heather! I'd love to attend! Feel free to email me at lwoods@g.clemson.edu

    - Lanie // Classically Current

  2. I will try to get a bbsitter! My e-mail is kendall608(at)aol(dot)com