The Twins' Nursery

Hi friends! I hope all of you are well and doing alright during this scary time in our lives. I do my best everyday to look on the bright side of things and be grateful for what we have right now at this stage of our lives, but I know that is such a privilege. As a nation we are so lucky to have so many "helpers" out there, willing to risk it all to assist others- whether it be the helpers in healthcare saving lives everyday, delivery drivers transporting goods all over the country, grocery store workers making sure we can all still get food in the comfort of our our homes, and anyone else finding ways to help out. Thank you, thank you, thank to all of you!

I haven't shared a blog post here since the twins were born (they certainly have kept me busy these last 5 1/2 months!) but last week I was putting clothes away in their nursery and I felt a wave a gratitude for that little room. It has served many different purposes since we moved into our home almost 5 years ago... an embroidery studio/Etsy shop shipping central, a guest room for beloved family and friends, and now a nursery for my two baby boys!

This room has the best afternoon light and I finally snapped a few pictures to share! Also if you're a new mama or mama-to-be, I have been working on putting together a master list of Baby Registry Must Haves/all of our baby and new mom basics that I want to share. Hopefully that'll be the next post up here sometime soon!

Larkin Crib (converts to toddler and full size bed) // crib sheets // crib skirt // similar basket to hold their stuffed animals (this puppy and this bunny are some of their favorites)

nightstand // lamp // milestone blocks // Hatch Rest + (We love this sound machine, nightlight, and clock all in one! I can control it from my phone but we have 4 favorites set up that we just touch the top and it goes from off --> soft light --> "twinkle twinkle" --> light off and waves)

swivel glider & recliner // quilt (this is the same pattern as the crib sheets)

rattan elephant (sold out from Celadon Home) // acrylic bookshelves

mirror // dresser & changing table // changing pad & scale // wipe holder // diaper pail // diaper caddy from Home Goods (similar here)

We love this Pottery Barn changing table because it can convert to just a regular dresser and you can remove the changing table topper. For their room, we wanted to invest in nice furniture that can grow with them, like their cribs that can convert to full size beds down the road. 

In the top drawers, we keep burp cloths (within arms reach from the glider!), bibs, and socks in the left side (with a drawer divider) and then rattles (to keep a baby entertained during diaper changes if they're fussy), and extra wipes, diaper cream, changing pad liners on the right.

In the big drawers in the middle and bottom, I've used these drawer dividers (SO handy for big wide drawers!) to divide up the space for things like plain white onesie that they wear to bed, long sleeve rompers and footed PJ's, tops and onesies, pants, sweatshirts, and now bathing suits and rash guards. If they're going through sizes quickly, it's a good idea to divide the drawers into sizes too so you can jump to the next size easily when you need to!

I've used this label maker to label everything too so that if other people are helping out or putting laundry away, they know where everything goes! I'll try to share a better picture of our drawers on Instagram because I know when I was trying to figure out how to organize it all, I felt so lost! I love having a lot of their everyday clothes in the drawers though because it makes it easy to change them right after I've changed their diaper since everything is all right there!

Close up of the mirror (one of the first things I bought for the room) and a rare time that I'm holding both boys after their nap! I still have the banner from our baby shower above their cribs because I just haven't found any artwork that I love yet, but hope to find something for that wall soon!

 We are lucky to have two closets in their room so this one is for their clothes and accessories and the other closet is more for storing things like diapers, wipes, sheets, towels and all of their old clothes that I just can't part with yet! We have these shelving cubes in both closets (4 cube in this one and 6 cube in the other) and since I took these pictures last week, I was organizing all of their Easter basket goodies on the top part that I use as a little shelf too. We keep shoes and hats in the baskets on the bottom shelf and blankets in the middle two.

I use these sizing sorters so we can keep everything organized by size and since they're going through sizes so quickly, it's always nice to have an idea of what we have for the next size up! Right now, there's a polo for Robbie in there because I got ones for the babies and wanted him to wait to wear it until they can fit in theirs and all match! (Also, keep in mind it might look like a lot because there is two of everything!) For the most part, I typically dress the twins in matching outfits because it makes it easy to just have them in the same thing and also because I know I'll only be able to have them wear matching clothes for so long. Hoping to share another post soon on some of my favorite places to shop for little boys clothes!

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