Blog Update

Hey friends, long time no post! I've missed this colorful little space the last few months and want to dive back into more consistent blog posts this summer! I wish I had a good reason for why I haven't posted at all lately but honestly, it's just that I've wanted to spend less time in front of the computer screen at night. I do a lot of e-commerce  and social media work during my day job at Emily McCarthy Shoppe, which I love, but when I get home from work I have really enjoyed having some "unplugged" time. I hope some of y'all can relate and understand!

Like I mentioned though, I would really love to start getting blog posts back up here though at least once a week! Is there a specific day you really would love to read them? During the week? On the weekends? I haven't quite decided when my day will be but for now, I'm just excited to get back into the blogosphere!

Cheers! My favorite Emily McCarthy monogram stemless tumbler is perfect for boat margaritas!

If you have followed in the past, you may have seen a trend of my Friday bar cart posts so what better to share today than some of my bar carts from the last few months. If you like these kind of posts, hop over the The Pink Clutch today for an extra special pink & green Savannah meets Palm Beach bar cart post with my sweet friend Paige Minear!

Bar Cart // cocktail napkins from Pink Lion Dog

As you can tell, a good portion of my paycheck at Emily McCarthy has gone right back into the company in the form of cups and cocktail napkins but when you're around so many pretty designs, it's hard not to order a few things for yourself! ;)