Harbour Island Trip - Part 1: What I Packed

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally sit down and share with you all my first blog post about our Harbour Island trip! I'm planning to break it up into three different posts- this one sharing what I packed and what I wore, another sharing where we stayed and how we got there, and then another sharing our favorite things to do, see, and eat!

The weather forecast for when we were visiting (mid-January) was high temps in the mid 70's and lows in the high 60's. It wasn't hot by any means (and the water was a little chilly) but honestly it felt great just to break 70's and be warm enough to wear dresses all day and actually put on a pair of shorts. I mentioned on Instagram, but the month of January always seems to give me a little seasonal depression so I was thrilled to have a little escape to somewhere warm for just a few days to rest, relax, and refresh. For the most part, I packed things that I already had in my closet but I didn't splurge on a couple new things like this Wicker Handbag and Flip Flops just for the trip!

1: Striped Sailcloth Tote 
This actually isn't the exact tote that I brought, but it is almost identical to the one I had from J.McLaughlin from about 4 years ago. It was something I grabbed last minute to use on the plane and it ended up being perfect for throwing things like my camera or water bottle in while we were out and about during the day or going to the beach. I love the sailcloth material because it's so durable and since it's so similar to a bag I have from years ago, you know this style is pretty classic.

2: Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
I picked up these sunglasses on a whim one day at Loft and have worn them almost every day since! They're so cute and a great shape, and on sale right now for less than $15 so I highly suggest everyone grabs a pair!

3: Wicker Handbag
This was one of the only things I bought just for this trip and loved it so much! I had been wanting a wicker/rattan bag for a while and when I stumbled across this one, that is actually called the Heather Wicker Handbag, I knew it was perfect! The inside is big enough that I can actually fit my phone, wallet, lip gloss, (and Robbie lovingly calls it a bowling ball bag!) I love that its a little different style from the ones you see everyday, the bamboo handle and the rope detail are my favorite! I will say though, the leather strap is a little short so I can't wear it like a crossbody like I had hoped, but I think I'm going to look for a longer one that I can swap it out for since it's removable. It's such a pretty bag, that I actually have it on our built-ins in our family room now since I won't really be using it again until spring. I also love this one, this one, and this tote!

 6: Navy Terry Tunic Cover-up (c/o) 
One of the highlights when I was packing for this trip were these cover-up dresses that I received right before our trip from Cabana Life. I have worked with them before (see that post here!) and they are a company that I can totally get behind because all of their pieces have UV protection plus they're cute and functional too! For someone with fair skin and a family history of melanoma, I'm always looking for clothing with UPF 50 to wear while I'm out in the sun for that extra layer of protection. I loved that these cover-up dresses were nice enough to wear to lunch or out shopping, and I wore one of them just about every day while we were in Harbour Island! I'm wearing a M in all of these.
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7: The Vacationers
I am pretty sure I bought this book before we went on our honeymoon back in 2012, and it had been sitting on our bookshelves ever since. I mentioned in this post that I was trying to take a little break from social media while we were on our trip so it was so nice to unplug a little and actually read a physical book, something that sadly I hadn't done in such a long time. I listen to a lot of audio books in the car but there's something about reading through and turning the pages that I really do love. This book was a great beach read and was pretty funny too, so I want to make sure that I can cut out some time now that I'm home to pick it back up and finish up the second half!

8: Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen
Every spring/summer I'm always on the hunt for a good sunscreen that is zinc based but also will actually blend into your skin without leaving you completely white. I got a spray tan the night before we left and in my spray tan package they included this sunscreen, which I really loved! I'm also a big fan of Beautycounter sunscreens but I had forgotten to order a new one before we left.

9: Leather Flip Flops
I was in the market for some new flip flops this year so I ordered a few styles a couple days before left and these turned out to be the winner by a long shot- I see why people are so loyal to their Tkees! When I wasn't wearing sneakers or heels, I was pretty much in these flip flops the whole trip and I know I will wear them a ton this spring/summer. I love these scalloped ones too!

10: Striped Sport Zip Pullover (c/o)
This was another piece that I received from Cabana Life before we left and ended up actually wearing this pullover a few times while we were away. I wore it one day over a workout tank while we walked to get breakfast and around the island, and then I wore it again when we were out on the boat for our snorkeling trip over my bathing suit. I'm wearing a M. Like I mentioned above, get 20% off your Cabana Life order with code SWEETTEAHEATHER!

11: On the Fly Shorts
I got these Lululemon shorts last summer and they've been a staple since because they're made from a thicker material so they can actually be worn like regular shorts and don't necessarily scream workout shorts. They also have pockets which of course is always a plus! I wear an 8 in most Lululemon and got an 8 in these too!

12: Ruffle Bikini Top & Bottoms
I had been on the hunt for a good solid navy bikini for the longest time and ordered this one last summer from J.Crew before we went to the beach to the beach for the 4th of July. The ruffle top is cute and holds me in, and the bikini bottoms have great coverage so it was actually a very comfortable bathing suit to wear around underneath my cover-ups every day. Since the water in the Bahamas was still a little bit cold I really only went swimming in the ocean on our snorkeling trip, but luckily our hotel's pool was heated so it was perfect to take a quick dip! I'm wearing a small in the top and medium in the bottoms.

13: Willa Tunic Top
I wore this top on our flight down and our first full day in Harbour Island and loved it! It was my first of this Lilly Pulitzer style, and I love that it's lightweight and also machine washable. The colors were perfect for the Bahamas too and I know every time I wear it, it'll make me think of our trip! I also love this top with the lemons! I'm wearing a M in this style and could wear a S but like the little bit of extra length and relaxed fit of the M.

14: Paulina Jumpsuit
I picked up this Lilly jumpsuit on sale before Christmas right after we booked our trip. It's stretchy so it's super comfortable and can easily be dressed up with heels (what I wore with it to dinner that night) or casual with flip flops (or just barefoot on the beach too!) I'm wearing a M.

15: Ruffle Sleeve Tee
I remember seeing this top last year and loved the ruffle sleeves so when I saw it again at Vineyard Vines this year, I grabbed it in the black. It's stretchy and runs a little longer so it's a perfect dressed up black tee, so it's a great staple!

16: Sneakers
I love these New Balance sneakers because they're so versatile! They have a lot of support so they were great for walking all around the island but they also are cute enough to wear with jeans.

17: Striped PJ Set
For the longest time I always wondered what the hype was about Lake Pajamas... and then I bought a pair and realized exactly why so many people love them! These PJ's are my favorite and are so soft and even flattering, which is something I never thought I would say about pajamas! I love their Heart Collection for Valentine's Day and can guarantee that any woman would love to have these as a gift! I wear a M in them, and I would recommend going up a size since they do shrink a little in the wash (you're not supposed to put them in the dryer but I did, oops!) I actually loved my PJ's so much that I splurged on a robe from the Dunmore!

18: Monogrammed Sequin Clutch
Kathryn of Colores Collective came to Savannah for a trunk show last spring and I fell in love with her straw clutches! I kept going back and forth between the plain straw and the sequins and ultimately chose the sequin one which I love! It's been to 30A with me, New York City, weddings, and now Harbour Island!

19: Leather Crossbody
I bought this crossbody before our Greece trip in 2017 and it's the perfect neutral bag to wear with everything! It reminds me a lot of this ChloƩ bag but for a fraction of the price. It's my go-to night out bag, and was also perfect for going for walks when I didn't want to bring my big tote bag.

20: Suede Beaded Necklace
I have always loved these Twine and Twig necklaces and finally ordered this one for myself on Black Friday. I love that's neutral enough to wear with so much but now I'm loving their new Rainbow Collection with colorful beads! I wore this necklace with the Ruffle Sleeve Tee and white jeans on our first night. Funny story, one of the co-owners of the company was actually down in Harbour Island then too!

21: Winpenny Dress
I have loved about these dresses for years now, and my Persifor dresses were some of the first ones I packed for the trip! This Winpenny dress style in three different colors/patterns, and looking to order another for spring if that tells you anything (this one is my favorite!). The material of these dresses is perfect for warm weather and makes them so easy to dress up or dress down. They're a little more than I typically spend on a dress, but because they're so versatile and amazing quality that I think they're definitely worth it! My new dresses look just like my 5 year old dresses so you know they are going to last! This Scales pattern has been retired but there are some great new patterns for spring. I'm wearing a S.


Thank you so much to Cabana Life for gifting me some great pieces for my trip! If you're interested in ordering, get 20% off your order with code SWEETTEAHEATHER!