Lilly Sale Eve - Tips and Tricks

The Lilly sale is almost here!!! Not familiar with the After Party Sale? Every year, in the first week of January, Lilly Pulitzer celebrates the new year with a big online sale! This online sale only happens twice a year (you may remember the other big one in August from this post!) These online sales are huge because items are typically drastically reduced and these are the only two times that you can buy Lilly on sale online!
The sale starts tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8am EST sharp!

Not sure how to get ready?

Right now:
Log on to the Lilly website and log in to your account ahead of time. Make sure all of your billing information is accurate and shipping address is correct. 

Fill out a TrueFit sizing profile to know your size in different items. For reference, I'm typically a 4/6 and wear a S/M depending on how fitted I want the item to be. Most Lilly runs pretty true to size in my opinion.

Do a little research on what will be included in the sale. Since the last sale was in August and included items from Jan-June/July, this sale will likely include everything since then. 

Some of my favorite items from the end of summer/fall that I hope to see in the sale tomorrow!

Make a wishlist of anything you love so you can quickly search once you are into the sale in the morning.

What to do Thursday Morning:

You'll need to get ready a few minutes before (maybe about 15 minutes just to be on the safe side.) Head to lillypulitzer.com (there will probably be some kind of sale landing page until the sale opens) and when it gets close to 8am start to refresh your browser until the sale opens you are placed in a virtual line. It may look a little daunting when you are number 20,000 or something in line but I promise the wait goes quickly!

Once your into the site, shop quickly but be sure to grab everything you really want because after you checkout, you're placed in the back of the line. Luckily shipping is free so you can checkout however many times you'd like but know that items will sell out very quickly!!!

While you're waiting in line on the Lilly site or waiting for the clock to hit 8am, start checking other Lilly retailers like Amazon, Zappos, 6pm, Nordstrom, Saks, and Neiman Marcus (some sale items are already posted!) along with other signature stores nearby or online. I've mentioned this before but Cloister Collection in Athens and St. Simons as well as Palm Avenue in Charleston, Savannah, Raleigh, and Greensboro are my two go to places to shop because of the great gals that work there!

A few blog posts from the year including items that I hope to see in the sale! 

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Blythe Dress
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Almeria Off the Shoulder Top
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Shop the post:


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  1. Ugh, I can't WAIT for this sale....but my wallet can. I literally wait all year for this and keep tabs on all of the items and print I love. I have to set limits on myself tomorrow because this summer Lilly hit the nail on the head with gorgeous prints.

    By the way I added you to my list of blogs that I love in my right hand sidebar.I know I don't have time to write comments much here but I am always reading on slow night shifts and follow on Instagram :)