Lilly Pulitzer Sophie Dress & Sale News!

You all know that saying, "if the shoe fits, buy it in every color!" Well, that's pretty much how I feel about the Lilly Pulitzer Sophie Dress. You've seen me in this dress in "Love Birds" and "Lovers Coral" and a couple weeks ago I picked up the "Exotic Garden" print for fall, or "resort fall" as Lilly likes to call it! If you've read my posts about this dress, you will know that I not only love the Sophie dress for the great prints and easy throw-on-and-instantly-look-pulled-together kinda style, but also because it has UPF 50 sun protection!! I have worn this dress everywhere from shopping in Palm Beach with my mom, to brunch with girlfriends, out on the boat with my family, at a golf tournament in Hilton Head, and now to the beach with my photographer friend Andrea! It is the best! For sizing reference, I'm normally a 4-6 in Lilly and have it in a small and a medium, though since it's pretty fitted I'm more comfortable in the medium, which is what I'm wearing in the photos below!

Because I have such fair skin and melanomas (cancerous moles) run in my family, I am always looking for new ways to keep the sun off my skin. (You can read a little more about it in this post here from a couple years ago.) 

I think it's so great that companies like Lilly are recognizing the importance of sun protection and they have made a bunch of UPF 50 options other than just my favorite dress! Some of my other brands for sun protective clothing are AthletaCabana Life, and Mott 50. This pink tie waist dress that I wore on my honeymoon is another favorite along with this white long sleeve hoodie that I throw on all the time with shorts or leggings to walk Lucy or run errands.

I probably also should mention the reason my fair skin doesn't look super pasty white is because I used this self tanning mousse the day before we took these photos! I highly recommend it for anyone like me that doesn't want to tan in the sun but still wants to look like you do. ;)

My Straw Hat is on sale for $20.99!

Monogram Jack Rogers (these were actually the shoes I wore for my wedding reception!)

My Sweet Tea Monograms Zip Pouch is perfect to keep all of my favorite sunscreens together! I've been reading a lot this summer about different chemicals that are used in sunscreens that aren't so great for your body so I've been really picky about the sunscreens that I use on skin. (You can read more Sun Safety tips here.) These are a few of my current favorites:

Very moisturizing and great for protecting your lips, which I honestly often forget about. I use it as a base with this Beauty Counter Lip Sheen on top but I actually just discovered this new tinted Liplux and want to try one of those too!

This stuff is pretty pricey but it is one of the best, if not the best, sunscreens out there! It is free of those crazy chemicals that so many sunscreens have, it smells amazing, and doesn't leave you all white after you apply! If you're as conscious about sun care as I am, I would highly recommend it!

The skin on my face is really sensitive and I have a lot of redness so I never leave the house without this CC Cream! I just use a little bit and it easily covers my redness and looks really natural! I have tried a lot of different foundations/CC Creams but this one is by far one of my favorites. Because it has SPF 50, my face never burns!

I use this SPF 50 stick over all of my "bad" moles if I know I'm going to be out in the sun. It creates a great barrier from the sun with zinc-oxide so it does leave a little bit of white but it can easily be rubbed in.

So just because this is a baby sunscreen doesn't mean that I can't use it too! It's made for sensitive baby skin so that means its also great for my sensitive fair skin. It does spray on and leave a little bit of white from the zinc, but not as bad as some others that I have tried and honestly, I don't really mind because it does the job!

Photography by Andrea Kinnear

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I also have some big Lilly news to share today... in case y'all missed my Instagram post, the best sale of the year a.k.a. The After Party Sale is happening online Monday at 8 am EST!!! I'm making a list right now of my favorite tips and tricks for shopping the sale to share on the blog this weekend but until then, you can check out Lilly's Sale FAQ's

Since the online sale only happens twice a year (next week and then again in January after New Years) items will go QUICKLY so if you haven't shopped the sale before, be prepared! If you happen to miss out on something online, don't get too discouraged and remember that it's just sale and they are only clothes. :) Most stores will have big sales happening too so if something sells out online, try your local Lilly store or call around to others. My girls at Cloister Collection of Athens along with Palm Avenue Savannah & Charleston are some of my absolute favorite Lilly ladies and are always willing to help! 

Since it's Friday and it's almost 5 o'clock ;) I'm going to wrap this post up, but I'll be back before Monday with more tips and tricks for shopping the sale! :) 


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