Wednesday Wanderlust

While I absolutely love spending time in Charleston, I was reminded a few months ago on my tag-along trip to Naples, FL how much fun it is to take a little getaway in a new(ish) place! Robbie and I are traveling a lot this summer for weddings and other family events but we have been talking about taking a long weekend trip together sometime at the end of the summer/early fall when our schedules clear up a little. We would love to travel to a new city that neither of us have ever been to before and the two that are at the top of our bucket list are Nantucket (or Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard) & Nashville... I guess we have a thing for traveling to cities that start with "N" (New York City is on that list too!)

I've already started Pinterest boards to feed my wanderlust... 

Have you traveled to Nantucket or Nashville before? 

What was one of your favorite things about the trip- I'd love to hear any and all suggestions!


  1. Nashville is on my list of places that I NEED to visit ASAP!

  2. Nantucket is my absolute favorite! I love New England- I'm originally from Rhode Island so I'm a little biased :)

    Nashville is on my list as well, especially since I started watching the show!