Five on Friday

1. Gray Malin iPhone wallpaper
Earlier this week I signed up for Gray Malin's email list and received three new iPhone wallpapers in my inbox Wednesday morning. Clearly these flamingo's were a favorite!

2. Cocktail party commandments
Tara Guerard was recently named one of the top wedding planners in the country so she sure knows how to throw a party! I loved this article from House Beautiful about her Cocktail Party Commandments.

3. What's meant to be will be.
I think this one goes without saying...

4. Unexpected surprises
Wednesday afternoon as I was hopping out of the shower (yep, still in my robe) I heard a knock on the door. Usually it's just UPS or Fed Ex dropping off a package so I figured I would just get it later but when I didn't see their trucks outside I quickly threw on clothes to see who could be at my door. I was greeted by a women delivering these gorgeous tulips to me! It brought a huge smile to my face (followed by happy tears- what can I say, I'm an emotional girl!) to see something so pretty delivered to me "just to brighten my day" from a very sweet and thoughtful "not-so-secret admirer." ;) Its a great reminder of how just something to let someone know they are thinking of you can really be a game changer in someone's (super crazy stressful) day!
5. Road trip
We're making a road trip up to Virginia this weekend for a college roommate's wedding! So excited to see my beautiful Sigma Kappa sister get married on Saturday! 

With Blake & Sarah (the couple in the middle) at a Hokie tailgate last fall - the day right after they got engaged!

Sarah and me in our room in the sorority house during recruitment our junior year (how was this 5 1/2 years ago?!?)

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