Weekend On the Water

As I mentioned in my last post, the weekend before last was our first weekend out on the boat! Saturday I wore my monogrammed PFG shirt and bikini since I knew we'd be out on the water for a while but Sunday we went for just a relaxing cruise around the Charleston Harbor so I just threw on a new favorite Lilly dress. I love the pretty blues in the mermaid print (which is called "Nice Tail"- how fun?!) and the easy material makes it a great summertime staple.

We cruised around the harbor a bit and took in the great view of the city from the water. 
I love seeing all of the houses lined up along the battery from a different perspective!

As we were cruising along, we started to notice a few dolphin. Turns out, there was a couple of dolphins out mating right around our boat. I took a ton of pictures but after realizing it was going to be tricky to get a good shot, I put the camera down and just enjoyed watching them. The photo below was probably one of the best I was able to get, where you can see the eye of the one dolphin and the fin of the other!

It was a perfect way to spend our first warm weather weekend in town and I can't wait to do it again very soon!

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