The Southern C Summit: Day Two

In case you missed it, I wrote a little summary of The Southern C Summit: Day One yesterday - and now I'm back for Day Two! 

Thursday morning started off on a very big note with a session about "Building Your Brand DNA" by first hearing from Sully Sullivan, a Charleston photographer with so much passion and energy about what he does! Sully does his own thing when it comes to photography and that's what makes him so unique- he is 100% himself!

Next we heard from Caroline Nuttall from CHARLIE Magazine, who shared the quote above about having a purpose and staking your claim in something. She stated the importance of meaning something to someone instead of just everything to everyone.

Robert Prioleau from Blue Ion, a digital marketing agency, finished up the "Building Your Brand DNA" session by encouraging everyone to "share the energy you're made of" and be honest, authentic, and true.

We next heard from Christopher Lester, the Director of Concierge at Emma Marketing, about the importance of email marketing (among many other things!) Christopher was a hoot and very entertaining, while being very informative as well!

L to R: Hanna, Chassity, Libbie, Liza

I was so excited for the next session to hear from more very talented a creative ladies! 

First we heard from Hanna Seabrook of Gadabout and Creative Director at Southern Proper. I've been a big fan of Hanna's for a while since I've seen her featured in Matchbook Magazine, Glitter Guide, and more

Next up was Chassity Evans from Look Linger Love blog, another lady I've been a big fan of but even more so this spring when Lilly Pulitzer featured her in their Style Seen section of their blog!

These ladies model the streets of Charleston well! :)

We heard from Libbie Summers next, who is a Culinary Author, Producer, Stylist co-creator of Salted & Styled. She showed us the cutest video she created on 11 Fun Ideas For Decorating a Cake that was so fun and made everyone in the room want to start decorating one too! I loved the nostalgia feel that she added with some of the old-fashioned candies and she mentioned how this nostalgia really interests her other readers too! 

After we heard from Libbie, Liza Graves, Co-Founder of Style Blueprint, shared how she started her business and how Style Blueprint provides an online version of "girl talk" to their readers.

Libbie signing copies of her book Sweet & Vicious that we picked up before lunch.

After that it was time to head next door for lunch at Fish!


We had a great lunch, with more great Firefly cocktails, followed by an even better dessert- these Goo Goo Cluster brownies were to-die-for!

Mom and I accidentally coordinated outfits which actually happens often when you have such similar tastes as we do! :)

Time to head back for the second part of the day!

Jamie (on the right) from Furbish Studio and I Suwannee blog was up next after lunch giving tips on how to be a creative C.E.O - and how to that sort of "swagger" that is necessary to be to successful. I was so bummed I didn't get a chance to get into her pop-up Furbish shop while she was in town (because sometimes as an entrepreneur you have to learn you just can't do it all- little life lesson & note to self) but I am lusting over everything in her online shop!

Last but certainly not least, we heard from a panel of ladies who are all editors of popular publications: Caitlin Moran of Glitter Guide, Katie Armour of Matchbook, and Erin Shaw Street of Southern Living

Like I mentioned yesterday, one of the greatest things about this event was meeting and networking with new people but I was so excited to see a familiar face the first day! Lauren and I both grew up in Richmond and crossed paths a few times but it was great to see her and hear all about her new company, Dotted Line Collaborations. You can read all about her experience at the summit here on her blog!

I also loved getting to meet Andrea, a fellow Lilly lover, from The Glam Pad and to finally meet Emilie from Shell and Chinoiserie, a Charleston gal with a fabulous touch for interior decor and design!

Special thanks to my amazing mother for joining me during this great event! Here's another picture of our fabulously (unplanned) coordinated outfits!

Mom's: similar scarf // Elsa top // cardigan // pants

Mine: necklace // similar jacket // tank // pants // shoes, similar 

Looking forward to the next Southern C Summit!

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  1. I wish I had attended, this looks like such a great event!!!