Resort Hoppin' with the Lilly Jeep

Happy Valentine's day everyone! Yesterday, the Lilly Pulitzer Jeep made it's way to Palm Avenue in Charleston (after a slight delay due to some freezing rain) for one of their stops during the "Resort Hoppin' Tour." It was so fun getting a chance to chat with the girls and pick up some goodies at Palm Avenue! They have recently re-done their store on King Street with the help of some talented Lilly artists!

I love all of the custom Charleston paintings in the store... from the Pineapple Fountain artwork behind the cash-wrap to the "Charleston toile" dressing room and the fun Southern map with the SC details.

One of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer quotes was written at the top of one of the walls: 
"Style isn't just about what you wear... It's about how you live!"

Swim section with the fun shell embellished mirror and another fitting room with beautiful coral!

Love these wine glasses! They would make a great gift, because who doesn't love pretty wine glasses?!

How gorgeous is some of the new spring line?!

These colorful goodies made what had been a very yucky and gray day much brighter and happier! That has to be my favorite thing about Lilly- all of the bright colors and happy prints can always brighten up your mood!

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  1. Swoon...I need a raise so I can afford everything on my wishlist, ha!