Monogram Monday

Happy Monday! Today I'm featuring a customer favorite from the Sweet Tea Monograms shop, our Monogrammed Gingham Columbia PFG shirts!

I've had the clear blue gingham shirts in the shop for the longest and they have for sure been one of our most popular items but I am so excited about the new navy ones and the grape are so cute with a bright thread color. 

The shirts can be ordered with a big monogram on the back like the middle example or you can choose a smaller monogram above the pocket (like the grape and navy examples) OR you can even order it with both!

These shirts are some of my favorite to wear in the sunshine because they are very light weight and have UPF 30 sun protection. I have skin cancer history in my genes so am always looking for cute ways to get a little extra sun protection. They are Columbia's "PFG" shirts which stands for performance fishing gear so are made for being out on the water all day!

This time last year I was getting ready for a trip to the Caribbean with my family for my brother's college spring break and my monogrammed PFG was one of my first things packed!

The sleeves on the shirts can be rolled up which is nice when it's really hot! It was a perfect shirt to throw on over my bathing suit with a pair of white shorts. Of course I had to add one of my monogrammed headbands into the mix too! 

I wanted to include these pictures to show you the length and the fit of the shirt. For reference I'm wearing a M because I wanted it a little bit more relaxed than a normal button up shirt since I knew I'd be wearing it over my bathing suit.

Hope y'all enjoy my Monogram Monday and let me know if you have any questions about the shirts! Be sure to check out my Monogram Monday next week, I'm excited to start up some March Monogram Madness soon!!


  1. I absolutely love my Clear Blue Gingham PFG monogrammed shirt purchased last summer. Its a great piece to wear as a cover up on the beach, boat, or at the marina bar! I received so many compliments on it and will have to get another one this summer, just have to choose what color!

    1. So glad to hear how much you've enjoyed yours Alex!! :)