Monogram Monday: Moon & Lola

 It's no surprise that I love a good monogram and Moon and Lola is my go-to store (their shop on King Street is so cute and the girls are the sweetest!) for monogram accessories! I was recently selected as one of their May winners for their #moonandlola contest on Instagram and wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite pieces from them.

My navy acrylic two-letter block monogram necklace is a jewelry staple since I wear so much navy all year round! It's the mini sized monogram and I love that I can wear it alone, or layer it with another necklace. They have so many great color and size options that you can choose from too!

Another Moon and Lola favorite of mine, though it's not actually a monogram, is a piece from their state necklace collection. In their King Street store, they have a bunch of these South Carolina necklaces with a small heart in Charleston. If you're looking for a different city or state though, they can easily customize it just for you!


  1. I have a state necklace identical to yours, only for Virginia! I also have one of their large gold monogram necklaces--it was the first Christmas gift Bryce ever gave me.

  2. Love all the monograms on your blog! Visiting from Carolina Clover!