Fall Friends & Family Sales

A few of my favorite retailers are having site-wide discounts today for their Friends & Family Sales and I wanted to share a few of my favorite picks from each site in case you're looking to take advantage of these 20-30% off prices today for some great fall staples!

Today is the last day of Vineyard Vines 25% off friends & family sale with code FAMILY19 and there are so many cute things for your fall closet! I just placed my order yesterday and am so excited for some comfy outfits, like this striped lounge set and this striped hoodie, for my new mom life that will be coming soon (so soon, like in 2 weeks or less soon!!) If you live somewhere warm like I do and are always looking some good "fall" outfits that work when the temps are still in the 80's, I love this olive dress or short sleeve open cardigan. This fringe sweater and this fisherman sweater both have me dreaming of cooler weather though, which is typically so unlike me! Two other items I included in my order was this button down shirt and this navy striped open cardigan that'll both be nursing friendly and easy to throw on with maternity jeans or stretchy jeggings as I adjust to my new postpartum body in the upcoming months. Of course, with two little boys arriving soon I had to scope out the Baby Boy's section and love this little striped navy onesie that my aunt actually just gave to us and I can't get enough of this little baby Shep Shirt
Fisherman Sweater

Shop my Vineyard Vines favorites for fall below!

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Tuckernuck always has such a great collection of items, and I always find so much style inspiration just by going to their website. They're offering 20% off site-wide (minus a few exclusions) with code APPLEPIE. I love the easy look of this sweater (that comes in a bunch of colors) with this leopard headband like they have styled. I haven't jumped on the headband bandwagon yet, but I think I need to! I'm always looking for any easy way to make my hair look styled with minimal effort (in all honestly, who doesn't?!) I feel like Tuckernuck always has a great selection of shoes that are both classic and trendy styles- like these olive suede loafers, these cap-toe heels, these needlepoint leopard loafers and then how fun are these snakeskin booties?! I love how any of those can be worn with just a basic outfit like a white button-up and jeans and give it such a different look.
Striped Sweater Poncho

Shop my Tuckernuck favorites for fall below!

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The last friends & family sale I wanted to include was GiGi New York who is offering 30% site-wide with code WEAREFAMILY. I'm not a huge "bag" person and I'm pretty practical about my choices, but I realized recently that almost all the bags I own are GiGi bags! I personally think that the quality of the leather is amazing and they have all lasted me years and years. The styles are classic too, and I actually own each of these styles I've included mostly in neutral colors that I can use all year round and wear with so much! Of course, I love that you can add a stamped monogram too- always a bonus! 
Collins Crossbody (perfect for sporting events!)

Shop my GiGi New York picks below!

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Hope y'all are having a great week! Since I've been prepping for babies and spending lots of time at home, I've got some fun idea for posts so hopefully I'll have a couple more coming soon!



Maternity Must Haves

I'm so excited to share my first pregnancy related post here on the blog, and I want to start by saying that I am feeling so grateful to have had such a safe and healthy pregnancy thus far. Carrying twins automatically puts me at high risk, so we're seeing a team of doctors now in addition to my regular Ob-Gyn which soon will mean two doctors appointments every two weeks. Right now, we're just going every four weeks but we get to have ultrasounds every time with our high risk doctors' office and I always love getting to see our baby boys moving all around during those appointments!

I'm wearing this Lilly Wrap Dress and this Seamless Maternity Cami underneath
Robbie is wearing this Peter Millar polo shirt and khaki shorts

I've been wanting to compile a post like this for while now because when I first found out I was pregnant, these are the type of posts that I was searching for! During your first trimester, it's a little tricky because you usually still want to keep your pregnancy a secret but also your body is changing so quickly and you may not be feeling great so you're desperately looking for tips on how to combat any of those first trimester symptoms. I was so lucky to only have a few weeks of mild morning sickness and actual nausea, but did have a lot of food aversions and just general blah feeling like I was hungover all the time, despite the lack of alcohol I was drinking!

These are a handful of items that have been my saving graces during my pregnancy so far that I never knew I needed! Now, as I get towards the end of my second trimester (which feels like it has flown by!) I wanted to share with you all in case you may be pregnant but not sharing with anyone so can't ask for advice yet, or if you are pregnant and just looking for tips, or maybe know someone who is and just want to know how to support them! (*I'm not a doctor by any means, so if you have questions about any of these things definitely ask your doctor first!)

1: Pill Organizer - I'm convinced that pregnancy brain is a real thing, and as soon as you think "oh, I haven't experienced that yet, I'm so glad!" you immediately jinx yourself and will start forgetting things (speaking from experience!) So, since it's so important for you to be taking your pre-natal vitamins (plus any other vitamins/supplements) everyday, I highly recommend getting a pill organizer so you can clearly see if you have taken your vitamins each day. Sounds so silly, but it was one of the first things I purchased and am so glad I did!

2: Belly/Body Butter - I started using a belly butter at the very beginning of my second trimester, right when I started noticing my belly starting to grow. I've been using a few different ones and love them all for different reasons but I think just keeping your skin moisturized to prevent stretch marks and any itchiness as it grows is the key. I just ordered another tub of this Young Living Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter that is lightweight and smells amazing, and have also been using this and this that were gifts from mom friends that are super moisturizing and specifically meant for your growing belly.

3: Water Bottle with Straw - I've always thought that I drank a lot of water, but pregnancy has proven me otherwise. I went on a hunt to Target one day, looking for the biggest water bottle I could find, and came across this 48oz one that I've used almost every day since. Since it has a flexible straw, it makes it as easy as possible to drink a lot of water without having to get up a refill all the time. The only drawback is that since it's so big, it doesn't fit in the cup holder of my car. I still like to bring it to work and just wedge it between my purse in the front seat and usually don't have a problem (unless I stop suddenly at a stop sign I almost didn't see on the way my doctor's appointment and it spills all over the front seat/floor- but at least it was just water!) I love these 60oz canteens too, but they're a little harder to drink out since they're so big and the stainless steel makes them heavier to carry around. If keeping your water cold all day is important though, I also love my 25oz canteen, just have to refill a little more frequently!

4: Tums - Heartburn and indigestion are some of the pregnancy symptoms that I had heard about, but never had really experienced before so I wasn't sure what to do when I was having indigestion at 7:30am at the airport one day in the middle of my second trimester. But then I remembered Julia Engel mentioned on her IG stories about how she had packed Tums for a plane ride and knew that was exactly what I needed! It relieved the discomfort almost immediately and now I make sure to have some on hand all the time. I'm not sure if flying contributed to it, but if you're planning any plane rides I would make sure to pack some just in case!

5: Preggie Pop Drops - I've always heard that ginger is great for nausea but every time I felt even slightly nauseous in my first trimester, the idea of ginger or ginger ale did not seem appetizing. I ordered these Preggie Pop Drops after seeing them come up on Amazon, and would definitely recommend! I would pop one of these (or just plain old mint gum!) in my mouth in the mornings when I felt bleh and they seemed to really help. 

6: Protein Bar/Snacks - Everyone around me knows I'm quite the snackaholic, so making sure to always have some kind of protein snack on hand like these Kind Protein Bars, or another recent favorite, RX Nut Butter (I love the honey cinnamon flavor, especially with an apple in the afternoon!) have been perfect to throw in my purse to have when I'm out and starting to feel a little hangry. During those couple weeks in between the end of my first trimester and start of my second, I would get lightheaded easily so making sure I always had some kind of snack on hand was key. Plus, carrying two babies means that my body needs even more protein so it's good for me to get a little extra in whenever I can!

7: High Neck Stretchy Sports Bra - This is the sports bra that I've shared on my IG stories a couple times and am actually wearing right now as I type this. It's currently on sale in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and has been the most comfortable sports bra I've worn in the last few months! (It's probably not the best for high impact workouts, but if you're pregnant you probably aren't doing a lot of high impact anyways.) The high neck keeps you "in" and the band is thick and comes down a little more so instead of just being tight around your rib cage, it's just a little extra material with a lot of stretch to support without crushing your chest. If you can't tell by how much I rave about this, I've had some trouble with finding the right sports bras since I've gotten pregnant and I'm going to guess that if you are pregnant, you probably have to!

8: Electrolyte Tablets/Drinks - Like I mentioned above, during the end of my first trimester and start of my second I would get lightheaded easily and I think my blood pressure would drop as my body was starting to pump more blood to the babies. Instead of just drinking water and eating snacks (along with regular meals too), I started drinking Gatorade when I first woke up to fight any lightheadedness that I would sometimes get in the shower or while I was getting ready. I picked up some of the Nuun Electrolyte tablets at Whole Foods one day since I was starting to get kind of tired of Gatorade and didn't want to be drinking all that extra sugar. I love that they're portable so I just easily add them to any water bottle when I'm feeling like I need some extra electrolytes, which has been pretty often during the summertime! The Tri-Berry flavor is my favorite but also the only one I've tried so far.

9: Beautycounter Clear Pore Cleanser - As you would probably assume, pregnancy means that your hormones are changing, and right at the beginning my face started breaking out so I picked up this Beautycounter Clear Pore Cleanser. I have really loved all of the Beautycounter products that I've tried and love that you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals entering your bloodstream through your skin. The Countercontrol line is great for fighting breakouts, and this specific cleanser has small jojoba beads that exfoliate and aloe vera that hydrates which has been a great combination for me. After those first few weeks, I actually haven't really had any breakouts but I think that also may be due to the fact that my skin has gotten a lot drier (which has been pretty great for my normally oily/combination face and hair!)

10: Sea-Bands Accupressure Bands - Luckily I didn't have to use these Sea-Bands often, but in combination with the Preggie Pop Drops (or gum like I mentioned above) if I was experiencing some morning sickness, I would put these on my wrist at the specific pressure points and they would help to relieve some of the nausea. It may have all just been in my head, but they're fairly cheap and a natural remedy so I don't think they can hurt!

11: Maternity Nightgown/PJ's - There are plenty of great maternity nightgowns out there, but these Lake Maternity Pajamas are definitely a favorite, especially if you plan on nursing. They're a little pricey for just pajamas but they're insanely soft and comfortable so if you can afford to splurge on them, I would definitely recommend. My mom gifted me this Nightgown for Mother's Day this year and it has been one of my favorite things to wear to bed. Obviously I don't need the snaps down the front now, but since I plan on nursing when the babies are here, those will make it easier for late night feedings! If you are on the shorter side, I would recommend this Nightshirt that is part of the Nordstrom Sale. Unfortunately it was too short me (I'm 5'10") but I am going to try these and these to see if they'll be better because the fabric was buttery soft and cozy on the nightshirt, and the buttons down the front will also be perfect for nursing.

12: Maternity White Skinny Jeans - These Maternity Skinny Jeans have been great for this spring/summer so far! I actually ordered a few different designer brand maternity jeans and these seemed to fit the best out of them all, which I was pretty excited about since they're about half the price! I also just ordered these Gap maternity full panel jeans and once they arrive next week, I'll be sure to report back on how they fit. The ones I have have an elastic inset at the pockets, that I'll usually wear with either this Seamless Maternity Cami (see #14) or Maternity Bellaband (#19) but can get a little uncomfortable when I'm sitting at my desk at work all day now that my belly is getting a little bigger. For this reason, I'm excited to try the full panel jeans too that come up all the way over my belly!

Though being pregnant during the summer has had it's drawbacks (hello, summertime humidity and heat in Savannah!) it has honestly been so easy to just wear flowy dresses most of the time so I haven't needed a ton of maternity pants, thank goodness, because they can be kind of tricky to find and also expensive to wear for just one season. Mackenzie Horan did a great review of maternity jeans on her blog a few weeks ago so if you're looking for more options, read her post here! I loved reading what she had to say, but also know that I have a very different body type (especially in the legs- she's 5'1" and I'm 5'10") than her so I know that just like regular jeans, works for someone, may not work for everyone!

13: Wide Waistband Workout Shorts - On the days that I'm not working, I'm typically always in workout clothes and have found these Lululemon Tracker Shorts to be the best to wear under my belly. I picked up the black in my regular size (I typically wear an 8 in Lululemon) and loved them so much that I went back and got the white too, in a size up. I love that they have a wide, thick, stretchy waistband and I know I'll wear them a ton after pregnancy too so they were worth the splurge for me. If you're looking for other wide waistband shorts, I just ordered these Old Navy shorts which are only $15 right now so these may be a great option too!

14: Seamless Maternity Cami - This seamless maternity cami has been great to wear underneath tops that are either a little low cut or too short now that my belly takes up more room. I wear it all the time with my maternity jeans and shorts to cover up the elastic insets and wore it before I transitioned to maternity pants/shorts when I would unbutton my regular pants and use a rubber band to keep them together (this little trick was perfect when I was in that in between stage where my maternity pants were too big and my other pants were a little too snug.) I wear my white one the most since I'm typically wearing white bottoms in the summertime, but also have a nude and black which I would probably wear more with regular jeans.

15: Maternity Leggings - I just received these Live In Pocket 7/8 Maternity Leggings in my first order from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love them so much that I went back and ordered the Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings in navy too! I've been able to wear my Lululemon Align Leggings a lot since they're super stretchy but it is definitely nice to have some that go all the way over the belly!

16: Comfortable Bra - Like I mentioned above with the sports bras, comfortable bras are a little harder to come by when you're pregnant, especially at the beginning when you may be a little sore/tender. I ordered these sleeping bras from Amazon but also got a comfortable nursing bra too since I'll be able to wear that now and later once that babies are here. As for everyday bras, these Spanx Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Underwire Bra have been my go-to for a couple years now. I went one band size up to accommodate for pregnancy and it works great! Because of the wider straps, I can't wear it with strappy tanks in the summer, but the wide straps also help make it as comfortable as it is, along with the smoothing back.

17: Comfortable Shoes/Sandals - These Mephisto Helen sandals have been my favorite the last two summers because they are so comfortable! Because they have a molded footbed and support your arches, they are comfortable to walk in, and wear all day. I love my Jack Rogers as much as the next girl, but if I know I'm going to be walking a lot or on my feet, I've decided to just sacrifice cuteness for comfort in this phase of my life. I think that means I'm growing up haha. Also, my dad gave Robbie and I these Oofos Flip Flops for Christmas and at first I laughed at them but now, we both wear them all the time around the house. They are made for athletes to wear after workouts, and are so soft and cushy that they reduce any stress on your feet, knees, and lower back. I'll probably even bring these to the hospital with me!

18: Maternity White Denim Shorts - I have these Ingrid & Isabel white denim shorts that are really similar to the white jeans with elastic insets in the waist so I'll often wear the Seamless Maternity Cami (see #14) or Maternity Bellaband (#19) with them. Though I don't mind the waistband on these, I did order these White Denim Shorts from Old Navy that have a full panel just to try that style too, and to have another pair to wear for summer since I wear these so often!

19: Belly Band - Similar to the Seamless Maternity Cami I ordered this Maternity Bellaband in white and nude to wear when my regular pants started getting a little tight, but my maternity pants were a little too big. I could either wear my regular pants unbuttoned with a rubber band tied around the button and hole to stretch it a little or wear it over the maternity pants that were too big to help hold them up a little better. I have both the size 1 and size 2 (since that's what it recommends when you're pregnant with multiples) but prefer the size 1 since it's so stretchy, it works better when it's more fitted.

20: Body Lotion - Something that no one told me about pregnancy was that your skin may get really dry. I assume it's because the moisture you're normally getting is just going to your baby/babies instead of your skin. It's been great for my face and hair (I can now get away with only washing my hair twice a week, something that I never used to be able to do!) but my arms and legs have been SO dry, so I've needed to have a good, thick moisturizer. For a little splurge, I also looove this Body Butter from Kai that smells amazing and I've heard great things about this Beautycounter one.

21: Epsom Salt - If you haven't taken a bath with epsom salts before, you need to try it! I first started using these when I started Pure Barre and it somehow relieved the muscle soreness, so now whenever I'm feeling a little sore or stiff or just want a relaxing bath, I'll use these epsom salts. We love the eucalyptus and mint but if you're also having trouble sleeping, I'd recommend getting the lavender salts to bathe in before bed.

On the subject of sleep... another thing to add that I forgot to include in this collage, is some kind of leg or body pillow to sleep with. I've slept with a pillow between my knees for years since having some lower back pain, and got this one from Target about a year ago and can't sleep without it now! A lot of pregnant ladies I've talked to have recommended body pillows and maybe I'll eventually get one, but this pillow is the perfect firmness to keep between my knees and support my growing belly. I flip from side to side often when I'm sleeping so it's easier to just flip with the pillow rather than having to readjust with a whole body pillow.

As I'm wrapping up this post, there are a handful more things that I'm realizing I have forgotten to include like these super soft and comfy PJ shorts, this Pregnancy Nutrition Book, this non-maternity Ruched One Piece Swimsuit, a good Lip Conditioner, these comfy Elastic Waistband Shorts, and lastly anything from Barefoot Dreams which is just as soft and comfortable as everyone says it is!



4th of July Favorites

As many of you all may know, the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and always one of my favorite days (weeks) to dress for! The clock is ticking on ordering online to receive by next Thursday, so I knew I just had to share some of my favorite patriotic picks tonight! 

1: Navy Gingham Tote // 2: Embroidered Crab Sandal (I just got these in the mail!) // 3: Star Stud Earrings // 4: Navy Fireworks Clutch // 5: Firecracker T-Shirt // 6: Red Tassel Earrings (also available in navy!) // 7: Red, White, and Cheers Cups // 8: Gingham Wedges // 9: Red & White Seersucker Dress // 10: Red Double Tassel Earrings (also available in navy!) // 11: Red & Navy Pom Pom Earrings // 12: Striped UPF Dress // 13: Blue Striped Dress // 14: Red Eyelet Top // 15: White Denim Shorts (my favorites every year!) // 16: Navy Stripe Dress with Pom Pom // 17: Smocked Button Down Dress (I'm excited to wear this- it's very bump friendly!)



Vineyard Vines for Target

The Vineyard Vines for Target Collab launches today! 

From what I've seen it looks like there are lots of great picks for the whole family, even the dogs! Of course I'm loving all of the red, white, and navy things that they've included in this collection too! I didn't get a chance to shop this morning before heading to Pure Barre but hope to stop by my local Target and check out their inventory. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite picks:



Harbour Island Trip - Part 1: What I Packed

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally sit down and share with you all my first blog post about our Harbour Island trip! I'm planning to break it up into three different posts- this one sharing what I packed and what I wore, another sharing where we stayed and how we got there, and then another sharing our favorite things to do, see, and eat!

The weather forecast for when we were visiting (mid-January) was high temps in the mid 70's and lows in the high 60's. It wasn't hot by any means (and the water was a little chilly) but honestly it felt great just to break 70's and be warm enough to wear dresses all day and actually put on a pair of shorts. I mentioned on Instagram, but the month of January always seems to give me a little seasonal depression so I was thrilled to have a little escape to somewhere warm for just a few days to rest, relax, and refresh. For the most part, I packed things that I already had in my closet but I didn't splurge on a couple new things like this Wicker Handbag and Flip Flops just for the trip!

1: Striped Sailcloth Tote 
This actually isn't the exact tote that I brought, but it is almost identical to the one I had from J.McLaughlin from about 4 years ago. It was something I grabbed last minute to use on the plane and it ended up being perfect for throwing things like my camera or water bottle in while we were out and about during the day or going to the beach. I love the sailcloth material because it's so durable and since it's so similar to a bag I have from years ago, you know this style is pretty classic.

2: Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
I picked up these sunglasses on a whim one day at Loft and have worn them almost every day since! They're so cute and a great shape, and on sale right now for less than $15 so I highly suggest everyone grabs a pair!

3: Wicker Handbag
This was one of the only things I bought just for this trip and loved it so much! I had been wanting a wicker/rattan bag for a while and when I stumbled across this one, that is actually called the Heather Wicker Handbag, I knew it was perfect! The inside is big enough that I can actually fit my phone, wallet, lip gloss, (and Robbie lovingly calls it a bowling ball bag!) I love that its a little different style from the ones you see everyday, the bamboo handle and the rope detail are my favorite! I will say though, the leather strap is a little short so I can't wear it like a crossbody like I had hoped, but I think I'm going to look for a longer one that I can swap it out for since it's removable. It's such a pretty bag, that I actually have it on our built-ins in our family room now since I won't really be using it again until spring. I also love this one, this one, and this tote!

 6: Navy Terry Tunic Cover-up (c/o) 
One of the highlights when I was packing for this trip were these cover-up dresses that I received right before our trip from Cabana Life. I have worked with them before (see that post here!) and they are a company that I can totally get behind because all of their pieces have UV protection plus they're cute and functional too! For someone with fair skin and a family history of melanoma, I'm always looking for clothing with UPF 50 to wear while I'm out in the sun for that extra layer of protection. I loved that these cover-up dresses were nice enough to wear to lunch or out shopping, and I wore one of them just about every day while we were in Harbour Island! I'm wearing a M in all of these.
*Get 20% off your Cabana Life order with code SWEETTEAHEATHER*

7: The Vacationers
I am pretty sure I bought this book before we went on our honeymoon back in 2012, and it had been sitting on our bookshelves ever since. I mentioned in this post that I was trying to take a little break from social media while we were on our trip so it was so nice to unplug a little and actually read a physical book, something that sadly I hadn't done in such a long time. I listen to a lot of audio books in the car but there's something about reading through and turning the pages that I really do love. This book was a great beach read and was pretty funny too, so I want to make sure that I can cut out some time now that I'm home to pick it back up and finish up the second half!

8: Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen
Every spring/summer I'm always on the hunt for a good sunscreen that is zinc based but also will actually blend into your skin without leaving you completely white. I got a spray tan the night before we left and in my spray tan package they included this sunscreen, which I really loved! I'm also a big fan of Beautycounter sunscreens but I had forgotten to order a new one before we left.

9: Leather Flip Flops
I was in the market for some new flip flops this year so I ordered a few styles a couple days before left and these turned out to be the winner by a long shot- I see why people are so loyal to their Tkees! When I wasn't wearing sneakers or heels, I was pretty much in these flip flops the whole trip and I know I will wear them a ton this spring/summer. I love these scalloped ones too!

10: Striped Sport Zip Pullover (c/o)
This was another piece that I received from Cabana Life before we left and ended up actually wearing this pullover a few times while we were away. I wore it one day over a workout tank while we walked to get breakfast and around the island, and then I wore it again when we were out on the boat for our snorkeling trip over my bathing suit. I'm wearing a M. Like I mentioned above, get 20% off your Cabana Life order with code SWEETTEAHEATHER!

11: On the Fly Shorts
I got these Lululemon shorts last summer and they've been a staple since because they're made from a thicker material so they can actually be worn like regular shorts and don't necessarily scream workout shorts. They also have pockets which of course is always a plus! I wear an 8 in most Lululemon and got an 8 in these too!

12: Ruffle Bikini Top & Bottoms
I had been on the hunt for a good solid navy bikini for the longest time and ordered this one last summer from J.Crew before we went to the beach to the beach for the 4th of July. The ruffle top is cute and holds me in, and the bikini bottoms have great coverage so it was actually a very comfortable bathing suit to wear around underneath my cover-ups every day. Since the water in the Bahamas was still a little bit cold I really only went swimming in the ocean on our snorkeling trip, but luckily our hotel's pool was heated so it was perfect to take a quick dip! I'm wearing a small in the top and medium in the bottoms.

13: Willa Tunic Top
I wore this top on our flight down and our first full day in Harbour Island and loved it! It was my first of this Lilly Pulitzer style, and I love that it's lightweight and also machine washable. The colors were perfect for the Bahamas too and I know every time I wear it, it'll make me think of our trip! I also love this top with the lemons! I'm wearing a M in this style and could wear a S but like the little bit of extra length and relaxed fit of the M.

14: Paulina Jumpsuit
I picked up this Lilly jumpsuit on sale before Christmas right after we booked our trip. It's stretchy so it's super comfortable and can easily be dressed up with heels (what I wore with it to dinner that night) or casual with flip flops (or just barefoot on the beach too!) I'm wearing a M.

15: Ruffle Sleeve Tee
I remember seeing this top last year and loved the ruffle sleeves so when I saw it again at Vineyard Vines this year, I grabbed it in the black. It's stretchy and runs a little longer so it's a perfect dressed up black tee, so it's a great staple!

16: Sneakers
I love these New Balance sneakers because they're so versatile! They have a lot of support so they were great for walking all around the island but they also are cute enough to wear with jeans.

17: Striped PJ Set
For the longest time I always wondered what the hype was about Lake Pajamas... and then I bought a pair and realized exactly why so many people love them! These PJ's are my favorite and are so soft and even flattering, which is something I never thought I would say about pajamas! I love their Heart Collection for Valentine's Day and can guarantee that any woman would love to have these as a gift! I wear a M in them, and I would recommend going up a size since they do shrink a little in the wash (you're not supposed to put them in the dryer but I did, oops!) I actually loved my PJ's so much that I splurged on a robe from the Dunmore!

18: Monogrammed Sequin Clutch
Kathryn of Colores Collective came to Savannah for a trunk show last spring and I fell in love with her straw clutches! I kept going back and forth between the plain straw and the sequins and ultimately chose the sequin one which I love! It's been to 30A with me, New York City, weddings, and now Harbour Island!

19: Leather Crossbody
I bought this crossbody before our Greece trip in 2017 and it's the perfect neutral bag to wear with everything! It reminds me a lot of this ChloƩ bag but for a fraction of the price. It's my go-to night out bag, and was also perfect for going for walks when I didn't want to bring my big tote bag.

20: Suede Beaded Necklace
I have always loved these Twine and Twig necklaces and finally ordered this one for myself on Black Friday. I love that's neutral enough to wear with so much but now I'm loving their new Rainbow Collection with colorful beads! I wore this necklace with the Ruffle Sleeve Tee and white jeans on our first night. Funny story, one of the co-owners of the company was actually down in Harbour Island then too!

21: Winpenny Dress
I have loved about these dresses for years now, and my Persifor dresses were some of the first ones I packed for the trip! This Winpenny dress style in three different colors/patterns, and looking to order another for spring if that tells you anything (this one is my favorite!). The material of these dresses is perfect for warm weather and makes them so easy to dress up or dress down. They're a little more than I typically spend on a dress, but because they're so versatile and amazing quality that I think they're definitely worth it! My new dresses look just like my 5 year old dresses so you know they are going to last! This Scales pattern has been retired but there are some great new patterns for spring. I'm wearing a S.


Thank you so much to Cabana Life for gifting me some great pieces for my trip! If you're interested in ordering, get 20% off your order with code SWEETTEAHEATHER!



Lilly Pulitzer Jan 2019 SALE

Hi friends!! I'm back for another blog post because there's another Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale happening today! I was able to get into the sale after about 45 mins of waiting but went through and picked out some of my favorites for you all to shop!

I mentioned on my stories last night that the Elba Sweater is one of my favorite styles! It's a lightweight sweater so I feel like I can wear it almost year round. They run a little big, so I would size down if you're in between- I wear a small in these.

I have the Navy Stripe one shown below, a few colors from last year and Black, which is a great staple. I ordered the Seasalt Blue first thing this morning and have this Heathered Sandbar Stripe in my cart right now...

originally $138, on sale for $44

originally $138, on sale for $49

originally $138, on sale for $54

Next up, Elsa Silk Tops! One of Lilly's signature styles and this cut is great to wear with everything from dark jeans and heels, leggings and boots, and even shorts and sandals in the summer. I wear a small in these tops too.

originally $168, on sale for $59

I love the detail on the front of this! This top is in my cart right now too. Even though I'm not typically a purple person, I love the combination of this light lavender with navy and green and I think it would be really pretty for spring!

originally $158, on sale for $69
Also in my cart, and I'm debating between this one and the lilac one! I typically am drawn towards Lilly prints with pretty blues like this one so it's no surprise that this one caught my eye.

originally $158, on sale for $69

originally $128, on sale for $44

originally $138, on sale for $49

The jumpsuits were another thing I was loving this morning in the sale, because I love a good Lilly jumpsuit (see one of my favorites here!) Because I'm tall (5'10") Lilly jumpsuits are often the only ones that are long enough for me!

originally $198, on sale for $59
This is the same style as the one I wore this summer for the 4th of July! I love that it has a tie waist because I ordered the M for the extra length but the tie gives you more definition.

originally $198, on sale for $64

originally $178, on sale for $79

originally $188, on sale for $59
I actually bought the middle one (Sneak a Beak) before Christmas but am tempted to go back today and order one of the other prints too! I got a M and it's pretty fitted in the butt but it's stretchy so it's super comfortable and would be great for travel!

More favorites included in the sale: