Most Popular Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Today on Town & Country, they have a slideshow of the 9 Most Popular Lilly Pulitzer Prints from the last 13 years. It's no secret I'm a huge Lilly fan and my favorite thing about their prints is how happy they always make you feel when you wear them! I'm pretty convinced that it's hard to be sad or gloomy when you're wearing bright colors with happy designs... don't you all agree?!

9 most popular prints according to Town & Country

1) See Ya Later, Spring 1998
2) Jumbo Lilly, Summer 1998
3) Scuba Monkey, Resort 1999
4) Orange Blossom, Spring 2001
5) Checking In, Resort 2009
6) Taboo, Spring 2003
7) Stuffed Shells, Summer 2010
8) Cherry Begonias, Summer 2011
9) Let's Cha Cha, Summer 2013

A few of my personal favorites (See Ya Later, Stuffed Shells, Let's Cha Cha) made the list but there a handful of others that I also love! Here are some of my personal Lilly favs from the past:

1) You Gotta Regatta, Summer 2012
2) Worth Patch, Spring 2003
3) Coral Cascade, Resort 2012
4) Reef Madness, Resort 2013
5) Just Add Mint, Spring 2013
6) Spike the Punch, Resort 2012
7) Coral Me Crazy, Resort 2009
8) Beverly Hills Bubbly, Summer 2008
9) Gimme Some Leg, Resort 2012

A lot of my favorites are the summer prints, so I'm very excited to see some of the new prints coming out later this week! Here's a preview of some of the cute prints that are coming:

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite Lilly prints are! Are any of your favorites one of the Top 9?