Charleston Charm: Sullivan's Island

Today's Charleston Charm post features one of my favorite beaches in the Charleston area, Sullivan's Island! It's the closest beach to where I live and I love the relaxed culture as well as the great restaurants and beachy atmosphere.

Poe's Tavern is definitely a highlight of Sullivan's Island and honestly the only restaurant I've been to on the island. We've never had a reason to go anywhere else because they have great burgers (or chicken sandwiches if you're like me and don't eat burgers!) and is always a fun place to bring friends. 

I have never been to this Home Team BBQ before but I know they're famous for their frozen "Gamechanger" drinks, which resemble a more well known drink, the Painkiller. I always am open to trying out new BBQ places so I'm hoping to check this out soon this summer!

These pretty blooms were in the front yard of a gorgeous beach-front house!

After checking out the beach at Station 22, I traveled down the road a little to the Fort Moultrie beach. Fun story, one of my best friends (that is getting married in almost 2 weeks!) got engaged on this beach! :) 

After going through these pictures, I'm really hoping to get back to the beach soon! 

Do you have a favorite Charleston area beach?


  1. Taco Mamacita is amazing out there as well!! You definitely need to try it if you guys like Mexican food!

  2. Sullivan's Island is my second favorite beach in Charleston, right behind Kiawah! Poe's is my favorite. You HAVE to try their fish tacos... they are to die for! I am not a huge fan of Home Team, but I am also not a big BBQ person. Station 22 is awesome, Sullivan's has amazing She Crab soup, and I have not been to Salt but I have heard wonderful things. Dunleavy's is also pretty good if you're looking for some quick bar food!! Enjoy!


  3. We love, love, loved Sullivan's Island! The beach itself felt so majestic and uninhabited, versus commercialized and crowded!