The Other Woman's Got Style

Earlier this week I was at a nail salon that had The Other Woman on while we all got our mani/pedis! I had never seen the movie and caught it in the middle, but for only seeing the second half and only being able to read the closed captions, I thought it was pretty funny! I think my favorite part of the movie was the fashion and distinctly different styles that each of the women had. Kate, played by Leslie Mann, had a very preppy "50's housewife" kind of style with lots of J.Crew pieces that I recognized and even some Lilly! Cameron Diaz's style was more modern but still classic- I always love a good pair of white jeans, which she wore often in this movie. Amber, Kate Upton's character, was obviously the younger more trendy woman, with a casual All-American kind of look while she rocked her cutoff shorts. 

I've gone through and found some of my favorite outfits from the movie and found similar items online that you can recreate the looks!

Amber's (Kate Upton) look: Tee // Cutoff Shorts // Bag // Sandals
Carly's (Cameron Diaz) look: Leopard Top // White Denim Crops // Bag // Sandals
Kate's (Leslie Mann) look: Cashmere Tee // Floral Midi Skirt // Bag // Mid-heel Sandal

This loose weave striped sweater was probably one of my favorite looks from Cameron Diaz, and though the exact sweater is sold out- I've found some similar ones that are equally as cool and casual looking for sipping wine out on a beach front porch.

Similar tops:
Akiko Open Back Peplum Top (on sale for $41.52)
Bisou Bisou Textured Peplum Top (on sale for $10.99)
Anthropologie Nella Peplum Top (on sale for $39.95)

Similar dresses:

Similar Gingham Styles:
EACH X OTHER Gingham Pants (on sale for $216)


  1. I saw The Other Women, and loved it! If you get the chance I recommend watching the whole thing! And yes, their clothes were amazing!

  2. I tried to find this On Demand the other day. It looks like such a fun chick flick!