Monogram Monday

For today's Monogram Monday post, I am so excited to share one of my favorite items in the Sweet Tea Monograms shop, our monogrammed Columbia PFG shirts! Of course I'm a big fan of this key lime shirt with a big pink monogram, but if that's not your style we have all kinds of other colors to choose from! These can be ordered with a big monogram on the back, a smaller monogram on the front, or they can always be customized with something fun and original like nautical flags or longitude/latitude coordinates on the front (guys love these!)

The weekend before last kicked off the first boat weekend of the summer and I was so excited to be back out on the water, which meant it was also PFG season! Being out on the boat also means lots of extra sun rays that reflect off of the water and since my fair skin is prone to burns, my monogrammed PFG shirts always accompany me on boat rides. Not only are they great to wear as a cover-up, but they also have 30 UPF (stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor... which is basically SPF for clothing) which means I don't have to reapply sunscreen as often! Because the women in my family have a history of melanomas, I have to be extra careful out in the sun - as much as I would love to sit and bake in it all day, I've learned to scope out the shady spots, purchased every and any kind of sunscreen out there, and of course I have all kinds of great self-tanning tips and tricks that I hope to share soon!

This cute Columbia shirt proves that you can still look cute out on the water, at the beach, or anywhere in the sun while still being smart and protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

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