My Favorite Apps Right Now

Hi friends! Today I've been wanting to share this post with y'all for a while now and highlight some of my favorite lesser known apps that I use and love!  

I can't remember where I first heard about this app, but it has been so helpful on my move to safer beauty/body products! You can scan a label or search for the product in your bathroom sink and it will tell you what their "clean" rating is. I was shocked to see how many "dirty" ingredients were in products that I use every day!
As you can see, a lot of products that I use regularly are 10's on the Think Dirty scale!! I've tried to stop using or at least cut back on my use of these products and switch to something safer. A great resource for this is the EWG's Skin Deep Database or just click over to the third tab when you're searching your product and they will give you their picks for similar, safer products. 

I started with my self tanning mousse since I knew it was something I'd be using a lot this summer. Since the product I usually use was rated as a 9, I thought I'd check out what the Think Dirty picks were and found the Vita Liberata mousse that is free of bad chemicals. So far, I LOVE this self tanner (even more than the previous one I used) and I think it leaves less of that weird self tanner smell and the color seems to stay for longer! I really want to try this one next since it seems to have gotten some pretty decent reviews and if it can last for 2-3 weeks, thats definitely a plus! Also, don't forget your mitt- it may look silly, but it's the key to applying evenly and not having weird brown spots in between your fingers and on your palms!

I will note that even though the Think Dirty database is huge, there are still a ton of products that aren't included in it yet. But like I mentioned above, if you're interested in learning what is in the ingredients in your bathroom sink, the EWG's Skin Deep Database is another great resource! I am also trying to slowly switch over to safer makeup products and have heard awesome things about Beauty Counter and can't wait to soon place my first order!

I first read about Gboard in Carly's blog post last week and downloaded it immediately! Where has this been all my life?! Basically, Gboard is a Google powered keyboard where you can search the web, search emojis, or search gifs and send them without ever leaving your text message. You also have the ability to use a swipe keyboard, which was something I loved back in the day when I had an Android phone. You can read more about Gboard here, here, or here!
Source: Google

Most people have heard of Dropbox before, but if you haven't used it yet, I highly recommend it! I started using it last summer when I was taking a ton of photos on my phone that I didn't want to delete to make more room for storage. Instead, I just uploaded them all to my Dropbox app (it was actually Carousel at the time) and I have them saved and easily accessible on my phone, computer, or iPad! 
So, say I wanted to download all of the photos I took on our honeymoon so I could use them later (which I definitely did!) for frames, photobooks, etc. I easily just went to my Photo Timeline (I use this link) and you can find the timeline on the right side and just click to which day you want to see!
And I can do the same thing in my Dropbox app on my phone! Easy peasy! 
*The biggest drawback with this app is that you do have to pay for more data. I believe it was $99 for a year but because of how many photos I take on my phone and how important those memories are to me, it's so worth it!

I started using this app when I moved to Savannah and was searching for workout classes to take in the area. I love that it easily tells you what is the closest, shares deals at studios near you, shows you the schedules, and you can sign up seamlessly through the app!

Once you scheduled your classes, you can have the app add it to you calendar so you don't forget or if you open the app you can go straight to your schedule and see what you have coming up! It's been a great tool for me to plan out my workouts through the week because once they're booked, it's hard for me to cancel- even on nasty rainy days like today!
 I also just noticed that if you have a Fitbit, you can sync that with your app- how cool!

I hope all of this was helpful in finding some new useful apps! If you decide to download them or already have them, I'd love to know your thoughts!



  1. oh wow, just download GBoard and totally LOVE it! Thanks, dear!

  2. I just downloaded Think Dirty- thanks for sharing this! St. Tropez was actually on my Ulta list, so I am glad you posted this before I went shopping :) Excited to get scanning and shopping!