Lilly Pulitzer Sale Tips and Tricks

Tomorrow is the big day! Lilly Pulitzer's big summer sale starts tomorrow morning at 8am and I am ready to go with my wishlist and quick links- and here to help everyone else out too with some tips and tricks that I've learned from shopping the sale in the past. 

 1) Make an account on the Lilly website
If you've ever shopped this sale before, you know that they key is to check out as quickly as possible because the items in your cart aren't guaranteed until the order is processed. Go ahead and make an account with your shipping and billing info, and be sure to sign in before you shop!

2) Find your favorites first and don't be afraid to place multiple orders
Again, the key is to shop as quickly as possible! Take note of what items are at the top of your list and check out right away. Lilly offers free shipping during these sales so don't be afraid to place multiple orders. Your mailman may think you have a crazy Lilly obsession when you get multiple pink and white pretty packages but it will all be worth it! ;)

3) Be prepared for the site to crash
As hard as they try, the website often crashes because of the crazy amount of traffic it gets all at the same time so be prepared and don't get too frustrated if that happens. Be sure to follow along on Lilly's Facebook and Twitter for updates through the day.

4) Look for flash sales
Once you are following along on social media, you'll see that Lilly often posts flash sales on their Facebook page every hour. 

5) Shop local
Don't be too bummed if your top item sold out within the first minute of the sale because there are plenty of local signature stores that sell these same things and are usually having great sales at the same time! Anyone who has read my blog before knows I love the local Palm Avenue store in both Charleston and Savannah but you can check out the store locator on the Lilly website to find where Lilly is sold near you! Other stores like The Pink Palm have their own website to shop as well!

And a few more tips from the Lilly Pulitzer website:

Good luck shopping! I'll be checking it out right at 8 a.m. tomorrow with links to my favorite sale items and my wishlist!


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