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Before I start sharing my gift guides with you all this holiday season, I've put together a collection of items you can use to start celebrating the holiday season as soon as you want to! It is my favorite time of the year because so why not celebrate for as long as we can?! I can't wait to break out my holiday tartan shirts, "Robbie Red" skinny jeans, sweet reindeer-ings and light my favorite Christmas candle, but I'm trying to hold out until after Thanksgiving... luckily it's only about a week away! I've broken down some of the items in the holiday shop into their separate categories but you can find them all here!

Christmas Decor

Holiday Entertaining

Scents of the Season

What to Wear

Spread the Cheer

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  1. I really need to invest in some holiday dinnerware. Every year I say I'm going to and then don't and then wish I had it! Great suggestions on here!