Five on Friday

This past week has been super busy with all of the moving and unpacking that as much as I wanted to write a post, I knew I had some other priorities. One of my best friends since elementary school and her boyfriend are coming to Charleston this weekend! It's been a great reason for me to get everything unpacked and I'm almost there. The best thing about my new place is all of the storage and finally finding a place for everything!

Here are some highlights from the past week:

1. One year ago, flashback to St. Martin

This week last year my family was in the Caribbean enjoying an amazing week in St. Martin. With all of this cold weather, clouds, and rain I can't help but dream about the clear blue water, palm trees swaying in the breeze and bright sunshine that we had there! Ah take me back! :)

2. Blue & White Chinoiserie

I have been loving blue and white even more so than usual and would love to try to incorporate it more into my kitchen & living room decor.


Inspired by the abundance of ginger jars like the ones in this photo, I was so excited to find this Ralph Lauren jar at Home Goods!

Debating on whether or not I should go back and try to snag the smaller version of this ginger jar to pair with this one. Hmm... what do y'all think?

3. Southern Weddings Mason Dixon Madness - Southern Food Tournament

So I'll admit, I'm not the biggest college basketball fan but this is a March Madness I can definitely get on board with! Southern Weddings has put together a huge bracket of some of our favorite Southern foods and you can vote on which ones you think deserves to be the Southern food champion! Some of them were a little tough to choose from (how can you choose between fried okra and pimento cheese?!) but most of them just made me really hungry for a good Southern meal. 

4. Hayden Reis Flamingo Ditty Tote

I have recently been seriously crushing on this Flamingo Tote from Hayden Reis that would be a perfect summer tote for the boat or beach (and everything in between!) The totes are made from sailcloth so they are very durable (again, perfect for the beach!) and anyone who knows me, knows how much I love flamingos! The mint & neon pink color combo is also a favorite of mine- they're the same colors I picked when I made my first flamingo monogram shirt for Sweet Tea Monograms!

And speaking of monograms, the Hayden Reis bags can be monogrammed- just another reason I think I need one! :)

5. Charleston Sunrise

Monday morning I was up nice and early and wanted to take advantage of it (since it doesn't happen too often that up when it's still dark out.) I also knew it was going to be rainy all week so since it was still clear, I drove downtown to the Waterfront Park and snapped some shots of the sun rising over the Cooper River. It was SO gorgeous and I seriously regret not bringing my real camera to capture the beauty! I guess iPhone photos will have to do for now, until the next time I'm up before the sun!

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Those sunset pictures at Waterfront Park are absolutely gorgeous!!! I would move to Charleston tomorrow if I could :)

  2. Wow..even with an iPhone those pics are gorgeous!

    Bryce and I are planning a little Charleston getaway during my spring break and this makes me super excited!