Love One Another

A few days ago I was searching for a blog to add to my daily reads and stumbled upon something that made my heart ache... a blog dedicated to "hating" on other bloggers. At first I just couldn't believe that people could be so cruel but it's a scary reminder of how, in this day and age, people can hide behind their anonymity and put others down to somehow make themselves feel better. 

I guess it all seemed a little funny to me, because my favorite part about the blog community is how we all lift each other up. I saw a quote on Pinterest a few years ago that I think of often, "promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate" which I think is another great reminder for all of us. So often we can get caught up in something negative, but it's important to reinforce the positive and keep an optimistic outlook on life. I love to see other bloggers that are supportive and caring towards others and I try to emulate this attitude. 

Loving others, not just other bloggers of course but anyone in our lives, gives us a full and happy heart. As Vincent van Gogh believed, "there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." So go ahead and let your cup runneth over with love!

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  1. That makes me so sad! I absolutely love the blogging community and am so sad that women (I assume...) can be like that. I just moved down to Charleston from Connecticut and was a state rep for the Northeast Bloggers up there and look forward to finding a group like that down here! Can't wait to follow along with your blog :)