Moon and Lola Blogger Night

I can't believe today is the last day of September!! This month has flown by and the last few weeks have been extra busy (which you may have noticed from my lack of regularly scheduled blog posts) while I've had my family in town, moved back downtown, and started a new part time job! Lots of little changes here and there are happening between now and the upcoming months that I'm excited about and also a little scared for since I don't always adjust to change so well... I've learned though that nothing ever stays the same so you've got to live in the present and embrace every day as it comes!

On another note, I have loved getting to meet and spend time with some of the wonderful ladies in the Charleston blogging community lately. A few weeks ago I attended an ice cream social at Ro Sham Beaux and last week Gillian hosted us at Moon and Lola for a fun after-hours event! 
Thanks again Gillian and the girls from Moon and Lola for having all of us!

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  1. What an awesome event!! I definitely wish I could have been there and cannot wait for the next one! I really need to go check out Moon and Lola!