SEWE Weekend

This past weekend I got to experience my first Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) in Charleston, which should probably be renamed to the Adorable Dog Exposition. I was just loving all the dogs, especially since I can't wait to get one of my own soon! Here are a few highlights of my puppy loving throughout the day... watching the Dock Dogs was probably my favorite. I just couldn't get over how far some of them could jump off that dock!

Other than the really cute dogs, there were some great exhibitors and some really cool and creative companies that were out there. One company, TideLine Outfitters, has made a camouflage out of all oyster shells- perfect for SEWE!

Robbie & me

It was a beautiful day out at Brittlebank Park, but boy was it windy! I had almost forgotten how much I love my old pink J.Crew Bella jacket... since it was wool, it kept me warm from the wind and I was very easy to find in a sea of Barbour jackets. I loved pairing it with just a basic navy long sleeve tee {Gap}, my winter white cords {J.Crew}, and a good pair of boots that I didn't mind getting a little muddy!

We arrived in the morning so after snacking on some boiled peanuts and fried gator and sipping a couple beers, we figured we had seen all we could see there and headed back closer to downtown to some of the other expo locations. 

It was a really great experience and I loved taking advantage of this big event that is hosted just "right around the corner" from me. I love that there's always something going on in Charleston, just another thing I love about this great city I live in!

After SEWE on Saturday, we cleaned ourselves up for dinner at Fleet Landing (where we went on our very first date SEWE weekend last year!) It's a really fun place to go to in the summer because it's right on the water, but it's a fun atmosphere for all year round! Of course, I also love a place that has great seafood and a nautical flair (it used to be a Navy building!)

Sunday morning was spent being lazy and making brunch together (it helped to have some leftover shrimp & grits from our Valentine's dinner!) We ran a few errands and ended the afternoon with a walk/run across the Ravenel bridge. 

It was a gorgeous night over the Cooper River, but was still quite a bit windy! I loved the gorgeous views, but I have a feeling I'm going to love them more in the summertime! :)

To finish off the great weekend, I wanted to try a new restaurant on Upper King and we ended up going with Prohibition which had been recommended from Jen when she and her boyfriend visited Charleston. I'm so glad we branched out from some of our usuals because this place was so interesting!

Robbie had a Moscow Mule and I tried the "Itty Bitty" - both were really good!

We both ordered the Duck Hash which was the special for the night. It was so delicious and a great deal- two fried eggs, hash-browns, bell peppers and duck confit along with a mason jar of a beer, and who doesn't love a good mason jar!?

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