Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday I decided to create a new day of the week... Tuesday's are now "Treat Yourself Tuesdays" (it brings me back to my college days when Tuesdays were my favorite night of the week for TOTS Tuedays!)

After I dropped off some Sweet Tea Monograms orders at the post office, I treated myself to a much needed mani/pedi in one of my favorites.. OPI's Strawberry Margarita. Since it was a gorgeous day out, I decided to at least pretend that spring is right around the corner and broke out one of my favorite outfits, along with some Jack Rogers after the pedicure!

Riley Infinity Loop Scarf // Top {short sleeve version} // Jeans, old Worth Straight Jeans from Lilly Pulitzer
Sparkle Navajo Jack Rogers // Monogram Necklace // Tory Burch Amanda Hobo 

The afternoon/ evening was full of some of my favorite guilty pleasures so I decided to share a few...

Pretty Little Liars is by far one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Yes, this ABC Family show is the one show I never miss during the week and have watched every episode from the previous seasons (probably multiple times) on Netflix! I just love the mystery of it all, something about it is just so addicting for me... and maybe one of these we'll really find out who "A" is!

Since PLL comes on at 8 p.m., I am usually right in the middle of doing paperwork and sorting through orders so I'll often take my work to the couch while I watch. Last night, in honor of my "Treat Yourself Tuesday" and National Drink Wine Day, I enjoyed a glass of wine and my favorite candy - Lucky Country Strawberry Australian Licorice as well! I didn't really start liking wine until my senior year of college, but now that Robbie is also a big red wine fan, it is our go-to drink (when I'm not gulping down water, La Croix or hot tea!) The licorice that I mentioned I sort of stumbled upon at Harris Teeter one day, and quickly became addicted! It. is. so. good. It takes a lot of will power some days to not finish a whole bag in one day, seriously- that good.

Last but of course not least, like many girls, shopping is another one of my serious guilty pleasures. I needed to exchange something at Palm Avenue from last week so I wanted to try on some new things... I was obviously going with a navy vibe - definitely my favorite color to wear (I guess I could say navy clothes are another guilty pleasure, especially when it's Lilly and navy!)

I'd love to hear about some of your biggest guilty pleasures!

Does anybody else still watch Pretty Little Liars? What did y'all think about last night's episode??

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