Lilly After Party Sale Tips & Tricks

1) Do your research.
This sale will likely include items from the spring and summer deliveries, but not the newest items from fall, and maybe not even the last delivery of summer. So count of most things that came out between January-mid June. I think a safe bet is whatever is on the website now will likely not be included in the sale. You can see some of the earlier styles and prints from some of my previous posts this year:

From what I recall, when the sale goes live, items are sorted into categories similar to how they are on the website now. I think it's usually Dresses, Tops (often including everything from tanks tops to cashmere sweaters), Bottoms (shorts, pants, skorts, you name it!), Accessories, and Kids. If there's a specific category you are are shopping for, start there! For me it's usually dresses though I always love checking out the accessories because they often include old gift with purchase items and fun items you can't find anymore in stores.

Is there a specific style that you love but don't normally buy when at full price? For me, that's always the Elsa Top which is a gorgeous silk blouse that is normally $158, but usually included in the sale for under $100. It's a great transitional piece that I know I can always wear year round! {Sizing note: these tops are flowy but I suggest taking your usual size. I wear a small in the Elsa top.}
Elsa Tops in "Lovers Coral" and "Out to Sea"

I also have been loving the Luxletic (Lilly athletic/athleisure) items lately! I have a pair of the Into the Deep Crops that I love to wear to Pure Barre classes along with two pairs of Run Around Shorts that I love to literally run all around in. During the sale, I will probably use the search tool to look for these items, because I would love another pair of Run Around Shorts! {Sizing note: This summer I've been a 6 in most Lilly shorts and wear a medium in both the shorts and the crop leggings.}
Run Around Shorts in "Into the Deep"

Here are a few SNEAK PEEKS of items that will be included!!!

2) Know your size.
This is goes along with the above tip, but it's always helpful to know what size you are in different things because items are going to be final sale! You can set up a TrueFit profile beforehand to get an idea of what size you may be as you shop along. I'll be the first to admit that Lilly sizing can be a little unpredictable sometimes so if you have a store nearby, I would suggest stopping by this weekend to just try some things on. Even if they aren't something you'd be interested in buying, it's always good to have an idea of what how different items fit. Also, if you have any questions about specific items, I'd be happy to help you out! I've tried on my fair share this year and feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the sizing!
Perfect example of unpredictable sizing (though it also could just be how my body is shaped) I'm wearing an XS in the Adelina Tunic on the left and a 6 in the Alina Ankle pants but the 4 in the Tessa Shift fit perfectly! These are all in the print "Fronds Place" which was from the spring and was one of my favorites!
And then I ended up getting the Enna top in large! At the time (back in March) I wasn't sure about the off-the-shoulder look on me, so I wanted to be able to wear it on my shoulders a little so I sized up (I usually would wear a small in this kind of top.) Sadly, this top probably won't be included in the sale because it sold out so quickly back in the spring!

3) Be prepared.
If you don't already have a Lilly Pulitzer account, sign up with all of your information so you don't have to take the time the day of the sale (trust me, you won't want to have to do it then!) Be sure to stay logged in because the morning of the sale you won't be able to log into the side before 8 am. Also, download the Lilly app on your phone because this can sometimes be quicker than the regular website!

4) Get in the virtual line.
Go to lillypulitzer.com a few minutes before 8 and refresh your browser until the sale begins and get your spot in their virtual line system. Once you have your place in that line, grab your coffee, your sale list, etc. and get ready to shop. Do NOT refresh your browser or you'll just go to the back of the line again!

5) Grab other devices.
Once you get your initial spot in line, try getting a spot in line with other devices. In the past, I've had the best luck using the Lilly app on my iPhone!

6) Shop quick.
Once you get access to the sale... shop QUICK. These items are going to sell out and sell out fast! Lilly offers free shipping during the sale so even if you know you will want to order more, don't be afraid to check out as soon as you found that one item you really had to have! Even if something is in your shopping cart and you are getting ready to check out, doesn't mean it's yours until you have hit that magical "PLACE ORDER" button.

7) Shop around.
This may be one of my favorite tricks for the sale and I'm sharing my secret with y'all! While it's no doubt that the Lilly website has the most inventory to start out with, keep an eye out because other retailers like Zappos, Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus often price match! During the New Years sale, Amazon had great deals that started before Lilly's sale went live so I was able to grab a couple things before they sold out on the Lilly website. 

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, there are some great signature store (meaning they sell Lilly Pulitzer but are privately owned) along with corporate stores that will likely have sales going on too! You can find the closest store to you right here or try calling around. I also mentioned this yesterday but my girls at Cloister Collection of Athens [706-395-6377] and Palm Avenue of Savannah [912-233-6375] and Palm Avenue Charleston [843-577-5219] are awesome!! :)

8) Be patient & have perspective.
Once you get in there and place your order, whether it's on the Lilly website or elsewhere, remember that these places are experiencing high volumes of sales that they aren't normally used to and your order may take longer than normal to ship. If you order through the Lilly website, you'll receive an order confirmation and then a shipping notification to keep you updated on your order. I know once that shipping notification comes, it'll probably be about a week before my package arrives because they're using the free economy shipping.

So say something happens and your order can't be fulfilled because an item has sold out. It's not a super common occurrence, but it does happen, especially when ordering online from signature stores that can't often update their inventory as quickly as people are buying the items (I've been on the retailer side before and it is tough!) Yes, it stinks you didn't get what you wanted... but also remember it's not the end of the world. Life will go on (just maybe without that cute dress you've had your eye on for months and finally thought you had.) We've all been there and it's going to be ok. It basically just means, you'll have Lilly karma and will be able to score some great deal later on! ;) P.S. If the Lilly karma isn't enough for right now, check Instagram (the hashtag #buymylilly is one I always use!) about a week after the sale... someone may have ordered what you wanted and it didn't work out for them!


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