Lilly Online Sale - Tips and Tricks!

It's that time of the year again!! The Lilly Pulizer online sale is back and starts tomorrow morning! This year the sale only lasts one day so you'll have to be quick with your shopping!

I always love shopping these online sales because you can get some great deals on items from previous seasons but there are definitely some certain tips and tricks to follow if this is your first time shopping the sale! 

1) Be sure tonight or tomorrow morning before the sale starts to create an account and make sure all of your information has been updated (credit card number, shipping address, etc) so you'll be all ready to go in the morning.

2) After you've created an account, or have logged into your existing one, fill out your information in their TrueFit section so you won't have to worry so much about sizing. All items are final sale so it's important to know what size. If in doubt, I always suggest going up because you can always get something taken in! For reference, I'm usually a 4/6 and in Lilly I typically wear a 4 and usually S, sometimes M in more fitted items. I've noticed that their Luxletic line runs small so I would suggest going up a size in any of that!

3) The sale starts at 8am EST and when you get to the website, you will be placed in a virtual line. The line goes pretty quickly but DO NOT refresh or open new tabs in the same browser you'll be placed at the back of the line! 

4You can shop from multiple devices so while you've in line on your laptop, you can hop on your phone and try to shop through their app! That was where I had the best luck during the last sale!

5) Once you're in the sale be sure to shop quickly and (since shipping is free) check out often! When items are put into your cart they aren't guaranteed until the whole order is placed so if you find what you've been looking for, don't hesitate to pull the trigger early because you can always come back for more!

6) Items included in the sale will likely be from the last delivery of summer, fall, and possibly some items from early resort. If there was any specific from those seasons you were looking for (for example, I loved the Rossmore T-shirt Dress and would love another one!) you can utilize the search bar at the top right of the website

7) Because this is such a big sale, items go pretty quickly on the website but I do remember last year finding that other online retailers were price matching so check out the Lilly selection at Nordstrom, Saks, and even Amazon!

8) Last but not least, check out the selection at your local signature or corporate store! I know the Palm Avenue stores (there's a great one here on Broughton Street in Savannah and King Street in Charleston) is price matching so I'm hoping to check out their sale section tomorrow too!

Still have more questions? You can check out the sale FAQ section on the website with any other questions you may have about the sale!

Happy Shopping! I'm hoping to get a post up tomorrow with my favorite picks but in the mean time, I'm hoping to find these online tomorrow! ;)


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