2015 Highlights

Thank you 2015 for being my favorite of all my 28 years. Between getting married, buying a house, and getting a puppy- my favorite thing about this year was spending so much time with all of my favorite people. It was so special to have my best friends all together in Hilton Head in May and then again in July, to have my family and friends all together in Charleston. So often I just see my cousins and family just once a year up in Pennsylvania so it was really great to be able to see them again down South! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year amazing!

2015 Highlights

We visited Lowndes Grove during wedding planning and fell in loooove with that amazing second floor piazza (where my bridesmaids and I did our photos!) and the gorgeous architecture.

My best girlfriends all traveled to Hilton Head for my bachelorette weekend.

I enjoyed this view of Broad Street and soaked up the last of my Charleston days before the wedding.

After our wedding rehearsal, Robbie and I celebrated the start of our wedding weekend with our bridal party and extended families on cruise around the Charleston Harbor on what turned out to be a gorgeous night.

The best day ever. :) This was when we were toasting after my maid of honor's sweet speech!
Photo by Ashley Seawell

Robbie and I honeymooning in Antigua! This was on our last night when Robbie surprised me with a little champagne happy hour by the pool!

We bought a house! It wasn't a huge adjustment from Charleston to Savannah since they are both great coastal cities- see my post here about Sweet Savannah. I have loved getting to decorate and make the house more our style, and my first step was to paint our dark red front door a pretty coastal blue to go with the crab door knocker the previous owners had put on there.

Our sweet Lucy pup entered our home at the end of September and is the best little assistant and photography subject! 

The boat parade in Savannah was a great kick off to the holiday season here. It was our first married Christmas and a great one at that!

Travel Highlights

I traveled to New Orleans in March to celebrate my college bestie's bachelorette and had so much fun with some sorority sisters and old high school pals. 

Relaxing and soaking up the sun, sand, and lots of pina coladas in Antigua with my new husband was one of the best weeks ever! I loved having no schedule and being surrounded by this bright beautiful water!

Favorite Memory

Moments after this photo was probably my favorite memory of 2015. After we ran through the sparklers, we turned around to see all of our loved ones one last time before we made our getaway, when my cousin Brooke broke out into the Star Spangled Banner (it was the 4th of July after all!) and everyone joined along. I think it was a combination of seeing everyone's smiling faces all at once, having just experience the best day of my life, and maybe a little bit of bittersweetness that the wedding was over but I quickly felt the happy tears roll down my face (and they're coming back now as I think back to this!) That memory will forever be in my mind as one of my favorite moments ever!

Happy 2016!


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  1. What a wonderful 2015! Definitely a banner year :) Wishing you all the best in 2016! XO