Simplified Life

After taking at least five trips back and forth from Charleston to move myself into our new house this summer, it was apparent that I had way too many things. Boxes and boxes of things that could probably just stay in those boxes because I was pretty obvious that I already have most everything I need. Through the last month and a half I've been working on simplifying and getting rid of all of that extra stuff around us that just fills up space and creates clutter.

Another reason to simplify is that my closet is just not big enough for the amount of clothes that I have! I've already filled up two huge boxes of clothes to donate but with the nicer things that I have left and just don't need, I'll be selling them over on my Instagram closet account, @heatherscloset115. I'll try to have most things posted later today! This Barbour vest I posted yesterday would be so cute for fall! I bought it from someone last year but it unfortunately is just a bit too big for me!

On another note of simplifying, the Emily Ley Simplified Planners go on sale today at 10AM!! I love mine and can not wait to use it in January. I've heard that these planners sell out very quickly so don't wait to buy yours for next year!

I'm a huge fan of Emily Ley's products and the way that they are made for "purpose not perfection." I think this explanation on the front page is just right.

The planner includes a full page monthly calendar which is great for seeing the big picture for the month. I'm such a visual person so this is important for me because I can remember where things are written, but not always what it is! And then for the day-to-day organization, the planner includes each page detailed out by each hour and along with a to-do list. So important for making sure you are spending your time wisely and like she writes in the description "simplifying real life to make time for what matters most."

In one of the first pages of the planner, Emily includes tips on how to best use the planner and how to simplify your life. With so much technology all around me, I always find it difficult to eliminate the distractions but feel that it's so important to focus on the big things before letting the small things get in way.

Another great post here about simplifying and living with less.

I would love to know- what are some ways that you simplify your life?


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  1. I NEED that planner in my life, gorgeous!