Sweet Savannah

print by Evelyn Henson

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you've seen that I recently made the move from Charleston to Savannah! This move has been in the works for a while now, starting from back almost a year ago when Robbie was offered a new job down here with a great company. He moved down here first to start with his new job and lived with a friend while we spent the months leading up to our wedding house hunting.

We both have rented and moved so much the last couple years and we agreed that we ready to purchase our first home together. It didn't come easy, but about a month and a half before our wedding (right as we were almost ready to give up and just rent somewhere month to month) we found our home! Sure there were plenty of places that would "work fine" but when it came down to it, this was the biggest purchase either of us have ever made and we wanted to make sure it was the right thing. This house has all of us our "must haves" and more, and the timing was just right since the owners had already bought another house and ready to move out as soon as they could. We closed on the house 30 days later, had the whole interior painted (plus my blue crab front door) and moved on in when we returned from our honeymoon!

We still have a lot of work to do... some boxes that still need to be unpacked (that's what I really should be doing right now) and plenty of furniture that needs to be purchased, but for now we're just enjoying being together every night- something we never had when we were dating! I've loved cooking dinners (like this quinoa salad, zucchini noodles and shrimp, caprese skewers, and sesame tuna salad)  in our kitchen, something I've been looking forward to for so long!

Before I moved, I was so concerned that I was going to miss Charleston SO much since I had fallen so in love with the city. Now, I do miss it but luckily its so close to go up for a quick visit. Also, I'm quickly starting to love it here in Savannah! Robbie grew up here so he has plenty of friends and already knows his way around so it has made it an easier transition for both of us. We love spending our free time by the water and the area we live in is surrounded by marshes and rivers and as much Spanish moss as you can dream of! I think I'm going to love it here in sweet Savannah!

Since I'm still somewhat of a newbie here (and we've been major homebodies) I would love any recommendations for places to eat, shop, or see if anyone would like to share!



  1. My next vacation I'm planning is to Charleston and Savannah so I hope you will post about some of your favorite places in Savannah as you settle in! It will be my first time to either place and I am SO excited and will be scopingout the area to potentially move there one day!

  2. I loooove your blue crab door! Congrats on becoming home owners - so exciting!! I'm so happy you're enjoying your move to Savannah!

  3. I LOVE savannah, i did a whole post about it on my blog. Oh you must on a ghost tour and visit the pink house =]

  4. Collins Quarter Pub is a great place for coffee or brunch! Papillote on Brought is a fantastic little french cafe, and they have delicious macarons! Dept 7 East is also amazing. Their decor is 100% my style and the food is just as good! Enjoy exploring Savannah!

  5. OHh and I can't believe I forgot about District Cafe, also on Broughton! They have some seriously delicious sandwiches!

  6. I am loving that front door color and crab door knocker! I loved Savannah when I visited, what a beautiful place to call home! Xo, Stephanie