Charleston Eats: Minero

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am so excited today share our experience at one of Charleston's newest hot spots: Minero, Sean Brock's new "casual Mexican eatery" on East Bay. 

I read up a little about the restaurant earlier this week and was amazed by all that Sean Brock went through to find just the right corn to use for the tortillas and how they use a traditional nixtamalization process to make fresh mesa twice a day. Talk about dedication to the true art of cooking!

Yesterday Robbie and I went for a late afternoon bike ride around the Battery and were quickly ready for some food so I was so ready to try this place out, after hearing the hype about it for the last few months! We went fairly early (around 5:30) and were able to grab a table right away. 

We ordered drinks (sangria for me, margarita for Robbie) and chips with a salsa sampler.  The tiny bowls of salsa were each so delicious in their own ways. 

For our dinners, Robbie ordered the Queso Fundido with a side of the Grilled Corn and I had the Minero Burrito and also had the Grilled Corn. It was all SO delicious, and the burrito was huge, so I got to take some home to save for later! We both loved our grilled corn, which was topped with cotijo, spices, mayo and country ham.

A few cool things to note: the chips and tortillas were served in those cool Mexican printed pockets to keep them hot (or so I'm assuming), the tall boy can of Tacate was served with a "Mexican koozie" which of course I thought was the neatest thing ever, and the napkins and silverware were tucked away in drawers built into the tables so it all was right there. 

Overall, we were so pleased with our trip to Minero and left very full and satisfied. I loved all of the little details that made this place so unique, I would definitely recommend it to any Mexican food lovers! 

Read more about Minero herehere, and here.


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  1. Oooh I am definitely adding this to my Charleston bucket list - I LOVE Mexican food :)