Wishlist Wednesday 6/15

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! I hate that I haven't been able to post more on the blog the last couple weeks. I've gotten into a new routine that has been great for working out and working but hasn't left me with as much time to create posts for this little blog of mine, but I really hope to try and find more time soon!

I took this morning off from Pure Barre though so I could compile some of my favorite wishlisted items for a new edition of a Wishlist Wednesday! :)

If you're a fellow Lilly Pulitzer lover, you're probably as excited as I am about the new pop-up of the You Gotta Regatta print! This print was originally released summer of 2012 and I quickly bought it in a maxi dress, shorts, and tote bag (lol at my all of my IG filters back then!) I sold the maxi dress last summer because I didn't wear it that often any more and wanted to buy another maxi dress for my rehearsal dinner (I'm constantly buying and selling Lilly!) I love that this new tank dress is so similar to my old dress, just in a shorter style! The popover that I considered buying this morning has already sold out in most sizes! Ah! Has anyone else picked up anything in this pop-up print? Sounds like it's going fast!

I am pretty excited about this bamboo Picnic Drink Table and think it would be so perfect for summertime happy hours at the beach! The base screws into the top so you could easily throw it in your beach tote with a chilled bottle of rosé and these cute printed wine glasses! How fun would it be to pack a picnic basket with snacks and enjoy the sunset... I think that needs to be on my summer to-do list!



  1. Oh my gosh I love that tassel straw tote, so profit for the summer!
    xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog

  2. I am super excited about the return of a beloved Lilly print - Now we just need Let's cha cha back! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca