Some Things Are Meant To Be

I'm trying to get back into creating posts with more meaning this year since that was one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog- to inspire and to celebrate life. The fashion posts are always fun, but I want to add a little more feeling and heart into my blog (and also a little more of Charleston, the city that I love!)

With that being said, I wanted to write a little bit about having faith and believing in what is meant to be

This has always been a common phrase throughout my life because even at a younger age, I would often see how things that didn't seem great at first always turned out to be something wonderful, or at least turned out to be a wonderful lesson learned. 

I've used this phrase a lot lately in regards to my relationship with Robbie. As I go through our "love story" I see little signs here and there telling us that it is meant to be, though maybe at one point I never would have believed it! ;)

All through the wedding planning process, all of the big decisions have been fairly smooth and things have fallen into place as they should. I know not at all things will be this easy but sometimes I feel like when you have to force something to work, it's probably not meant to be.

Robbie and I have started to look at houses to buy when we get married, and we both are going at it with that same mindset. If it's something that is supposed to happen, that God has written in our plan, then it will all work out just as He meant for it to be.


  1. so glad i came across your site, i loveee it!!!

  2. love your mindset and this post! <3