Weekend Snapshots

This past weekend was a great one as we celebrated our friends Jason and Chelsea who got married Saturday here in Savannah! The more time we spend here, the more I really do love this city and the people we get to be around!

Got all dressed up to go downtown for the rehearsal dinner Friday night

Gorgeous view from the balcony at Vic's on the River

I spent my Saturday morning and afternoon at this wonderful spot! You may have seen my post on Instagram last week but I could not be more excited to be joining the fabulous team of ladies at the Emily McCarthy Shoppe!

We hosted a bride who was registering for her wedding and brought mimosas on a tray with her custom monogram! Is that not the most amazing monogram you've ever seen?! Emily is so talented!

Saturday after working, I got ready and headed downtown to meet Robbie (who was part of the wedding party) before the wedding. While all of the groomsmen were lined up to get ready for the ceremony, I was the caretaker of the sunglasses! Gotta keep those guys in line haha! ;)

The groom was one of Robbie's best friends since childhood so he was one of the best men and delivered a great speech during the reception! I wish I had his talent for public speaking and story telling! (By the way, he was wearing two pairs of sunglasses because the ones on his head he found after the ceremony and was hoping to be sort of a "walking lost and found" for them! It actually didn't work so now he has the extra pair!)

Me and Lindsey with the beautiful bride Chelsea!