Sweet Tea Monograms

I'm finally getting back into my usual working groove and the Sweet Tea Monograms shop is back open after unpacking the monogram studio and setting up shop again. Soon enough, I will hopefully be back into my regular blogging routine- I have some fun ideas for the next couple weeks!

Here are two are my favorite shirts- the Sweet Tea Monograms Logo Tee and "The Charleston" shirt with coordinates that are pinned right to one of my favorite spots in the city- the Waterfront Park. These shirts are two original Sweet Tea Monograms designs and ones you can only find on our Etsy site! 


  1. "The Charleston"shirt is totally something I would wear! The coordinates on there are too cute.

  2. These t-shirts are just too cute!! I love seeing your adorable products on Instagram. I need to remember to order one!!

  3. I can't wait to buy one when I move back to the States! xoxo